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John Textor, an American billionaire, signed to account for the majority of parts of the Olympic Lyonnais (OL). This investor has an interest in sports and not only football, but also more years. But before that, it was too early in the virtual reality.

« I was considered as a bearer, declared by John Textor lors de la conference of the press organized on June 21 by the Olympic Lyonnais. A beacon of technologies, applications. I imagine that the gens will make in the future the power of technology. Et je pense que si l’on n’a pas cette vision à cinq-dix ans, on est déjà en retard dans ce domaine. »

Avant d’investir massivement dans le sport, cet Américain de 56 ans a fait fortune grâce à la virtual reality and particularièment aux effets specéaux dans le cinéma. Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean or more Tron Legacy, at the beginning of the 2000s, the Digital Domain company realized the effects of special blockbusters and a lot of business affairs, a reference to the milieu. In 2009, the most famous Oscar of the best visual effects for the ultra-realist actor Brad Pitt in The Story of Benjamin Button.

In 2016, the magazine Forbes he consecrated an article and he gave the surnom de « Hollywood reality show ». The media represent an increase in expression.

The holograms of Tupac and Michael Jackson live

With a new society, Pulse Evolution, John Textor contains the holograms of the stars. In 2012, the rapper Tupac performed on the stage, during the Coachella festival, at the United States. In 2014, the presentation of the Michael Jackson Hologram for the Billboard Music Awards is a succession of 11 million viewers. In this era, this technology is still new. This success will be an apparition in the satirical animated series South Park the last year.

John Textor does not agree with the decision of the investor in the artificial intelligence, for « ameliorate humanity ». The new EvolutionAl enterprise is dedicated to the creation of digital human beings.

Sports strategy

John Textor knows the domain of sports. He is a skateboard champion when he is young, but he is obliged to hit. In 2020, the mount is a platform for streaming sports events, FuboTV and interest plus part of football.

De Botafogo au Brésil, à Crystal Palace dans la banlieue londonienne en passant par Molenbeek en Belgique, le billiardaire rachète petit à petit des parts dans plusieurs clubs. This choice is strategic, explicitly Jean-Pascal Gayant, a professor specializing in the economics of sports at the University of Mans: « This is the opportunity to detect players, to make them different from different championships. Il est, en homme d’affaires avisé, conscient que le sport en Europa, c’est un levier pour participer au deveploppement ekonomíque ».

John Textor with the love of sports and party. He posted very photos and messages to his players on Twitter. Jean-Pascal Gayant has a real interest in the billionaire part: « Seeing that he is a football fan, in the sense of soccer, I think that he is a little exaggerated. But I think that I will be interested in sports and that I will be part of the development of the European industry of the sports spectacle. ».

L’home d’affaires a deboursé près de 900 million de dollar pour l’achat des parts de l’OL et a déjà affiché son objectif: gagner la Ligue des champions. Your investment is always ahead of the finances. On March 2022, check out: “Football is not different from all other companies. You must win for rent ».

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