Kildare business celebrates 10th birthday on Saturday

Finesse Movement on Main Street Maynooth will celebrate 10 years in business this Saturday and will hold an Open Day from 10am to 2pm.

The studio offers Physical Therapy and Reformer Pilates and has been keeping its clients pain free and moving freely for a decade now.

To celebrate this important anniversary the public will be invited to call into the studio where the expert instructors will be on hand to demonstrate the Reformer Pilates machines and to explain to people what Pilates is and the benefits it provides for overall health and strength. Members of the Physical Therapy team will also be there to help answer your questions on tackling pain and how to get your body moving freely.

The studio is owned and run by Physical Therapist, Eleanor Finn and Reformer Pilates specialist, Karen Murray who have helped hundreds of people over the years to reduce aches and pains, increase flexibility and find their way back to better health.

“Pilates is incredible, it can relieve many of the symptoms of menopause, help build core strength and is a safe and gentle form of exercise during pregnancy”, said Karen Murray.

“Reformer Pilates is also very controlled and can focus on particular areas of concern. We have trained people who are going for a knee or hip operation and want to build their strength before their surgery and have worked with many people who are coming back from an injury and want to regain fluid movement.”

Physical Therapist and co-owner of Finesse Movement, Eleanor said, “Physical therapy addresses the illnesses or injuries that limit a person’s ability to move and to perform the normal activities and functions of their daily lives. Pain, and particularly chronic pain can be frightening and can have a profound and devastating impact on a person both physically and
mentally. Our highly qualified and trained Physical Therapists provide bespoke solutions to help our clients tackle pain and regain their movement and flexibility.”

Kahuna Pop’s will also be outside Finesse Movement on the day and will give out their famous ice pops made from fresh fruit, organic milk and maple syrup.

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