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Hanoi, June 24 (VNA) – In the frame of an expo on the exports that take place in the Expo Center of Brussels on June 21 and 23, and on June 22 at the seminar “Vietnam, a green destination ».

Seminar interventions. Photo: VNA

The agitation of an event organized by the Alliance Belgium – Vietnam (BVA) in collaboration with the International Agency for Technology of Flanders (FITA), to present the potential in the domain of renewable energies and durable development in Vietnam.

Eventually, this is the context of the climate change that is due to political and economic problems, plus the importance of our era. Vietnam is one of the countries that touches on climate change and works to improve the development of a climate adaptation plan and economic development in line with international norms.

Le Vietnam, a green destinationThe Ambassador of Vietnam to Belgium, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and the Head of the Vietnamese Delegation on behalf of the European Union (EU), Nguyen Van Thao. Photo: VNA

The President of the Seminar, the Ambassador of Vietnam to Belgium, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg and the Head of the Vietnamese Delegation in support of the European Union (EU), Nguyên Van Thao, said: pandemic de COVID-19, le monde en general et les deux regions d’Asie et d’Europe en particulier voient des signaux positifs de la «nouvelle normalité», grâce aux efforts mondiaux de vaccination. Cependant, the global economic environment remains fragile in a range of different factors, the geopolitical incidents, the new variants of the coronavirus, the graves of perturbations of the appropriation chambers, the economic pressures of life in the house the deflections of the durable development and the impacts of the impending climate change ».

Selon lui, le Vietnam, un pays côtier, situé dans la zone de la mousson tropicale, est l’un des endroits qui souffre souvent de catastrophes naturallles et donc, plus quiconque, le Vietnam comprend très bien la valeur du développement durable. The economic crisis of a pair with environmental protection. Lors de la 26e Conference of the Parties to the Convention-Frame of Nations unions on the Climate Change (COP26) tenue in October at Royaume-Uni, the Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh a pris engagement considered as a historical tour: Vietnam atteindra the zero emission net of 2050 carbon fiber.

Ambassador Nguyên Van Thao affirmed that Belgium is one of the principal centers for the search for solutions respecting the environment, open to the maritime ports of modernity and the development of Europe, of the possibility of a co-operation with Vietnam in the domain of renewable energies and the development of ports verts s’avère enorme.

More on renewable energies

After intervening in the 2050-year-old Carboniferous, Vietnam is fixed for reducing the energy of carbon. Separating, pouring and parving, Vietnam is also able to renew its energy capacity, in particular solar and aeolian energy.

Le Vietnam, a green destination

Marc Stordiau, President of the Rent-a-Port Group and Director General of the International Port Investment and Engineering Company (IPEI), is presenting the experiences of the renowned. Photo: VNA

“We have developed energy resources in Vietnam. We are strong in offshore aeolian experience in Europe, we are involved in the Aeolian project in the province of Binh Thuyang, in the Center of Vietnam “, said Marc Stordiau, President of the Rent-a-Port Group and General Manager of International Port Investment and Engineering Company (IPEI)

Plus, Vietnam has a lot of touches for a touch of climate change. Extreme meteorological phenomena and the mountain level of affective gravity of food security, water security and durable development, in particular agricultural production in Vietnam. Marc Stordiau declares that the company will be able to build the pilot project “L’eau du vent” (WbW) in the province of Ninh Thujan for the period 2020-2022.

The object of the project is to investigate and experiment with solutions for the development of agricultural production and agricultural production in the areas under different natural conditions, according to the provinces of Central Coast of the South and in the Mekong Delta. The system of desalination of aerated water and solar energy.

Kim Demeyer, a scientific advisor and technique of the Flemish Agency for Commerce and Investment, affirms that Vietnam is an attractive destination for foreign investors in energy. In particular, the Accord of Free Exchange European Union-Vietnam (EVFTA) creates a number of favorable conditions for European investors.

En dev facilitatrice connectant les entreprises belges au marché vietnamien, Eve Devoldere, conseillère en commerce et investissement du Bureau flamand de promotion du commerce et de l’investissement au Vietnam, apprécie l’environnement d’investissement et d’affaires au Vietnam, particulate in the domain of green energy.

After the seminar, the intervenors are all affirmed that Vietnam has the opportunity to develop renewed energies. Pourtant, to promote the sector, selon Marc Stordiau, the Vietnam to solve three problems: construction of an electrical network, with support for stockage; reinsurance of the offshore eoliens to littoral and tariff redefinition for offshore eoliens.

Plenating the speech at the seminar, Andries Gryffroy, Federal Senator and President of the BVA, took into account the consideration of the experiences and the suggestions of the intervenors. The declaration that the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham) organizes the Exhibition and the Forum of the Green Economy (GEFE) 2022 from 28 to 30 November in Hô Chi Minh-Ville. This is the focus for the representatives of agencies and companies of Europe, of the Belgian companies, of bringing to Vietnam the durable solutions to support a Vietnamese economy that is strong and durable.- VNA


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