Leadership Development – TransitCenter

TransitCenter’s new Leadership Development program is designed to increase representative, inclusive, and effective leadership in the field of transit, and empower leaders to successfully advance transformative change. We believe that who is in charge, how they lead, and their capacity to facilitate change within agencies is critical to radically improving transit in the United States.

The Leadership Development program aims to:

  • Aid individual transit agency leaders in deepening their capacity to lead in a way that is inclusive, equitable, and responsive to the needs of transit agency staff and the riders they serve
  • Elevate the profiles and ideas of representative, effective, and inclusive leaders from across the field to inspire others.
  • Bolster the current and next generation of advocates and organizers for transit justice by supporting their individual development
  • Connect established and rising agency leaders with each other and to us in deep, ongoing relationships with individuals who lead to support reform of this industry.

The program’s work will include: leadership-focused cohorts and convenings, public events focused on leadership from US transit agencies, developing and maintaining ongoing relationships with leaders and emerging leaders in the field, research, interviews. The work also involves collaboration with the agency practice and advocacy teams to support capacity-building among leaders and emerging leaders inside agencies and in organizing and advocacy, and collaboration with key allied organizations (APTA, COMTO, NACTO, etc) to reach a broad audience of potential leaders in the field with our work on leadership.

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