“‘LeBron is coming where am I going to hide?'”

Juancho Hernangomez, star of the new Netflix movie “Hustle,” talked about meeting LeBron James on “The Rich Eisen Show.” Hernangomez said:

“We play the Lakers and after the game LeBron came to me, I mean we were in the locker room, and he’s coming and I was like ‘LeBron is coming, where am I going to hide?’ And he comes to me and says ‘Hey, thank you for doing the movie, you’re looking great’ and I was like ‘Oh, he knows me.’ “

Hernangomez grew up in Spain, where he wasn’t conditioned by the toxicity of Skips & clones, & instead got to fully appreciate the Greatness of Lebron.Imagine if our media treated Bron like they do over there. We wouldn’t have multiple generations brainwashed to worship a Myth. https://t.co/UKz5HCNIOn

LeBron is largely admired by international and national players, despite the recent media slander.

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LeBron James’ popularity in the media might be low right now, but is largely high in the league

LeBron James and Devin Booker.


“You think about, like Jordan didn’t have to experience that, when we played in the ’90s, it was talk radio, maybe the newspaper, but you didn’t hear the noise, you didn’t hear the slander.”

With an ever-increasing need to engage with social media platforms, athletes now endure heavy criticism on a regular basis.


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