Letter to the Editor: Has the school bond hustle been exposed? Does Sydney Kamlager have problems?

Dear 2urbangirls,

I see you reported that Pinner Construction filed a lawsuit against the Community College District for a project at Valley College? I believe Senator candidate Sydney Kamlager was a member of the board at the time the contract was awarded. in fact, she served from 2015 – 2018 during the time period Pinner is alleging the fraud occurred and was the board president who voted in favor of a contract Pinner has attached to “racketeering”.

Now she’s a “frontrunner” to succeed Karen Bass? Another reason politicians are upset with a Sheriff who has the authority to investigate fraud waste and abuse considering the department covers the college district.

Pinner called out the current board president but claims the entire board should be looking into the issue of charging them for not completing the project on time but was in fact delayed due to the constant change of construction plans. Suspicious maybe?

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Pinner specifically referenced Jacobs Engineering which received the lucrative contract for managing the construction bond program after a 4-3 vote in 2017. Guess who voted on it? President Sydney Kamlager, and Trustees Steve Veres, Gabriel Buelna, and Andra Hoffman. Check their campaign contributions forms stat! Same Sydney Kamlager who had her hand in Inglewood.

Pinner is the same construction firm at the center of Inglewood City Treasurer Wanda Brown’s lawsuit against the City of Inglewood and Mayor James Butts alleging fraud on an retention overpayment made from bond proceeds that you reported the City “found” two years later sitting in another account .

I strongly suggest you and your readers keep an eye on this because the allegations made by Pinner are alarming within itself, including allegations of racketeering but the lawsuit depicts a scam where bonds are being used as financial windfalls for “consultants” and a source of widespread fraud at the taxpayers expense. If you go back and look at the board agendas during Kamlager’s tenure there was a LOT of construction going on around the college district with “substantial changes” to projects where the links to the documents have mysteriously been scrubbed.

I’m sorry but if Pinner Construction is a victim of fraud and not a willing culprit I’ll be highly surprised.

Marvin McCoy
Inglewood resident

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