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When you’ve just started your own business, there’s nothing like an experienced entrepreneur to lean on for better ways to build it.

The Discovery Foundation’s EM3 ​​program fits that bill to a T, uniting women entrepreneurs from across the province to build their networks in small groups led by experienced women tech leaders.

The program is geared to support women entrepreneurs in the first five years of business as they build and grow their tech-focused or tech-enabled business.

Using the award-winning WeBC model, worthy candidates learn how to solve real problems in real-time to foster growth in their business.

The EM3 program includes three components, starting with an Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile assessment and personal debrief session to help better understand personality characteristics and skill sets to enable focusing on the key elements required to grow a business.

Peer Group Mentoring brings small groups of women together in nine sessions to work with a mentor that provides feedback and fresh perspectives on business challenges through a solution-based approach.

The third component, the Skills Development Webinar, includes topics such as Mindset Mastery for Business Growth, Negotiate Naturally: Tips for Women Entrepreneurs, and Imposter Syndrome: Owning it and Moving Forward.

By the end of the program, participants will have gained a sounding board of women they can reach out to, invaluable insights from women experienced in tech, and leadership s skills that provide the tools and confidence needed to grow their business.

The Zoom program, which costs $ 150 instead of $ 900 thanks to generous support from the Discovery Foundation, includes eight peer group mentoring sessions between August to October.

Registration ends on July 14 and available spots are limited. Register at, or visit for more information.

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