Liverpool vend por error flat screens at $1,600 pesos y la PROFECO pide respeto por los derechos de los consumers

Dozens of clients found on the e-commerce page of the department store Liverpool una oferta irresistible: $1,600 pesos por una pantalla plana de la marca Samsungcuando habitualmente cuestan $21,499 pesos.

Peter Cade | Getty Images

Como era de esperarse la attractivea oferta generated rapid sales, but the buyers ended up disappointed. Al poco tiempo de haber realizado la compra, they received a letter from the departmental store informing them that the purchases were canceled due to the lack of inventory of the product and that they would receive a reimbursement for 100% of the amount paid.

Various users reacted and raised their voices in social networks using the hashtag #LiverpoolNoCumple. Además, algunos clientes acudieron a la Procuraduría Federal Del Consumer (PROFECO) to complain and report that, despite the supposed lack of inventory, the screen was sold on the site at $16,124 pesos.

The users purchased the screens with a discount on the night of August 1st and the morning of August 2nd, and before the complaint of approximately 100 people affected, PROFECO responded that the department store is obligated to respect the rights of the consumers conforme lo marca la Ley.

According to the diary Milenio The PROFECO received a total of 125 requests for conciliation and that the complaints were attended by the platform Concilia Express.

The newspaper explains: “Article 50 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law establishes that if the author of the promotion does not comply with the offer, the consumer may opt to demand compliance, accept another good or equivalent service or terminate the contract and , en todo caso, will have the right to pay the economic difference between the price at which the good or service object of the promotion is offered and its normal price, without prejudice to the bonus or compensation that contemplates article 92 TER of the own law “.


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