‘Magic can happen over a cup of tea! Dundalk women in business network meeting

A new movement is popping up across the world, with the launch of ‘Circles’ networking events led by members of the Wedo Womens Inspire Network.

ocally Iris Kavanagh is hosting the Louth Circle in The Creative Works Remote Working Hub in Dundalk.

The Women’s Inspire Network empowered by Wedo is a new movement to encourage women to start a business and become new leaders.

Indiana Gregg, founder of Wedo.ai says: ‘Women run great companies and are underrepresented when it comes to both investment and leadership. Women who are leaders who have blazed tails in business need to help those who are on their way up. Women’s Inspire Network was initially an Irish online women’s network and with Wedo has already begun to expand globally.”

Samantha Kelly, the founder of Women’s Inspire Network says: “During the pandemic we saw the need to learn to use technology that we might have put off before: we HAD to learn zoom, social media etc. Valuable relationships can be built online, which we have seen with the rise of social audio and hybrid events. Now with Wedo launching, we can nurture those relationships even more with groups and communities.

With “Circles”, no one is left behind. Particularly in smaller towns, where there might not be a network yet, there is still a need for community and sharing knowledge. It can be very isolating to start a business and it is especially difficult for women over the age of 40, who may not have any experience with social networks and technology before starting their businesses.”

“Magic can happen over a cup of tea, so our circles are relaxed, with tea/coffee and you just never know who that next useful introduction can be.”

The Dundalk event will take place on Thursday 13th October from 11am-1pm, for women in business who are invited along for a cup of tea, expert advice and business networking opportunities.

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