Marie-Hélène Hubert: “Pourquoi il faut dégeler la taxe carbone” – Économie

Devant la conférence bretonne de la transition energy, mardi, à Rennes, vous avez défendu le princippe d’une justice climatique. Sur quoi repose-t-il?

The latest report by Giec confirms that we are on the verge of a major production trajectory and consortium, or 87% probability that the global temperature will drop to 2 ° C for the first industrial report, et al. the domages are irreversible. To improve the quality, on compute the political values ​​of attestation and adaptation. In economics, on the advance of the principle of pollueur-payeur. Mais comment avoir une répartition de l’effort qui soit juste alors que la justice climatique ne peut se définir qu’à différentes echelles: mondiale, europeanne, française, bretonne.

How do you report donations?

This raises the question of the historical responsiveness of gas emissions to the efficiency of the serre. On the fact that 60% of the emissions of the deputies of the premier industrial revolution are the faits of Europe and the North of America. Mais aujourd’hui, de grands pays comme la Chine et l’Inde alimentent de plus en plus ces flux. If the temperature limits the temperature of the globe at 1.5 ° C, it is possible that the individual, at the level of the world, will not pass more than 2.5 t of the equivalent of carbon. An Indian is worth 1.5 t, an American is 18 t and a Frenchman is 8 and 9 t.

In France, would you like a better redistribution of products from the tax-free carbone figure 2018-2019?

In France, low carbon dioxide is about 8.7 t equivalent of CO2 per capita. 50% of the mines aux revenus les plus faibles n’émettent that the equivalent of 5 t alors que les 10% des plus riches en émettent 25 t. The economists of the World inequality database on reprisals of the Parisian record on the climate for 2030 selun laquelle chaque Français ne devrait émettre que 4,8 t. The mines of the riches devraient reduce the emissions of 81% and the plus modes of 0.2 t per tête. This photo does not suffice, car 12,5% plus plus modes are in a precarious energy situation. Ils non don pas accès à une énergie sûre et durable. How to make an assurer, with some redistribution? L’un des outils d’une politique de long terme, c’est la taxe carbone.

The actors act economically on a roller coaster in the sober energy and climatic adaptation

Faudrait-il donc la dégeler, la faire évoluer?

Oui. On the other hand, the price of carbone is 44 € per ton. The recalculations of the carbon tax in France are not representative of 0.3% of the gross national product, and the enumeration of environmental taxes is less than 2%. The report quinet reprisals in France Strategic Secretary states that the valeur carries two carbons in the range of 100 € and 200 € per ton, a level of incentive for all kinds of investment, to determine the most popular political parties in the field of subventions, primes conjoncturels. The rest of the discussions on the montant of this tax and the usages of your recettes.

Oui, pour préserver la competitivité des entreprises cette fois. Car actors act economically on a roller coaster in a matriarchal energy and climatic adaptation, even if the collectivists are locals and territories. The latter, as in the Bretagne region, pay more than they should for, by exemplifying the mobility and renewable energy sources: they make money from donor resources and fiscals.

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