Mastercard y Binance Lanzan Tarjetas Prepagas en Argentina

En un effort por cerrar la brecha entre las criptomonedas y las citidinas purchases, Binance and Mastercard announced the release Binance Card en Argentina.

The product was launched for the first time in Latin America and Argentina. In an effort to increase the global adoption of cryptocurrencies in a tangible way, Binance introduced the Binance Card last year as part of its continuous efforts. Currently, the product is in the beta stage and will be widely available in a few weeks after the beta phase has been completed.

Nuevas monedas soportadas

In addition, Binance has updated its list of cryptocurrencies accepted on the Binance Card to include it as well XRP, SHIB and AVAXwith effect from 2022-08-05 at 07:00 (UTC) with the changes that entered into force on 2022-08-05.

At the moment, the Binance Card is only available for Binance users who live in the country Espacio Economico Europeo and the Ukrainian refugees who reside in those countries (Binance Refugee Cryptomonedas), according to an announcement made by Binance.

ADA, AVAX, BNB, BTC, BUSD, DOT, ETH, LAZIO, PORTO, SANTOS, SHIB, SXP, USDT and XRP There are 14 cryptocurrencies that are currently compatible with the Binance Card.

The actual users of Binance Card will not be affected by the addition of XRP, SHIB and AVAX to their payment priority preferences, as there will be no change in their existing payment priority preferences.

Mastercard and Binance Launch Prepaid Cards in Argentina

Walter Pimenta, Executive Vice President of Products and Innovation at Mastercard America Latina and the Caribbean, said:

«Nuestro trabajo con las monedas digitales se basa en nuestra solida base para permitir la elección y la tranquilidad cuando la gente compra y paya. Together with our partners, Mastercard has been leading the payments industry to allow entry into this new and exciting world, helping to bring millions of additional users to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in a safe and reliable way.“.

Para poder hacer uso de Bitcoin and BNB for purchases and payments of invoices, users of Argentina with a valid national identity document, including new and current users of Binance, can obtain the Binance Cardin emission por Credential Paymentswhich will allow you to make purchases and pay invoices with crypto currencies, incl Bitcoin and BNBand more than 90 million businesses Mastercard en todo el mundo, tanto en tiendas como en línea.

It will allow users to make fluid transactions without problems in which the cryptocurrency they want to buy becomes a fiduciary currency in real time at the point of purchase, and they will also be able to earn up to 8% cash back in cryptocurrency in eligible purchases y disfrutar de zero comisiones de retreata en los automatic withdrawals.

Como titular de una Binance Card, you will have the option to manage your card through the application and the Binance website via the card control panel. A control panel that will be available to users with their debit cards will also provide access to their transaction history and customer service information.

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