Meet Winter House Season 2 Real Estate Agent Jessica Stocker

In Winter House season 2, fans will be introduced to Jessica Stocker, a real estate agent, investor, and entrepreneur, along with the other newbies.

Winter House season 2 is coming up, and soon fans will get to meet real estate agent and new cast member Jessica Stocker. It’s been almost a year since viewers saw Winter House season 1, which includes a mix of Summer House and Southern Charm cast members, along with some new faces. The cast went to Stowe, Vermont, and lived in a house together for two weeks, which will be happening again in the upcoming new season airing on October 13.

Based on the Winter House season 2 trailer, the cast is continuing to party and cause drama as they did in the first season. The trailer begins with everyone engaging in snowball fights, figure skating, tubing, and skiing. It also promises hookups and raised tempers from some of the castmates. Winter House fans will even re-live some of the Summer House spinoff’s previous romances. However, the trailer is also reminding the fans of the group’s constant bickering.


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Jessica will be joining Winter House season 2 alongside fellow newcomers Kory Keefer and Rachel Clarke. The real estate agent joined the group later Winter House cast member Jason Cameron reached out to her via social media. According to her bio on BravoTV, viewers will see Jessica’s wild behavior and the conflict it causes with her roommates. In the Winter House trailer, Jessica, who will not be on Winter House with Andrea Denver, voices her interest in some of the guys while being unapologetically herself. However, she is not letting some of her roommate’s opinions of her stop her from a possible new romance. Whether that is with Jason or not has yet to be confirmed.

According to Jessica’s Instagram, the businesswoman seems to take pride in her work. Her Instagram bio shows that she is not only a real estate agent but loves to travel and invest. Jessica also has a YouTube channel and Instagram page with her best friend, Kinsey, called Blondes Building Equity, dedicated to the real estate business. Some of her other interests besides real estate include fashion, going to the beach, golf, and spending time outdoors in general. Jessica, who will be on Winter House with fellow newcomer Kory, enjoys traveling as well, visiting travel locations such as Austria, Puerto Rico, Italy, and Rwanda.

Based on Jessica’s impressive professional background, her role in Winter House will help her business gain more attention. Although the young career woman has no problem letting her wild side out, Jessica knows when it’s time to have fun and time to work. The reality star’s interest in partying might not always sit well with all of her housemates; however, that isn’t stopping her from making friends and finding love while on Winter House.

Sources: BravoTV, Jessica Stocker/Instagram

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