Montceau – The job cafe, twelve potential candidates recruited

Is it easy to find a job? Even if unemployment is recurring, not everyone is going to the same school when it comes to knocking on an employer’s door. So at Agire, there is an attempt to offer different approaches, in places that, at first glance, are not conditioned to offer a job.

The Young Workers’ Center in Montceau-les-Mines at the Plessis Residence, therefore, served as a meeting point between employers and applicants. It was enough to present himself, grab a coffee to relieve stress and meet the executives of the seven companies he was recruiting. More than twenty posts were available. Because the job starts with an appointment.

Seven companies were recruited directly: land ABC restaurant, Le Prado, Ages and lives, Adecco for MICHELIN, Brico deposit, VITARIS and Leclerc with a large variety of posts to be able to: srestoration worker, educator, assistant monitor, night watchman, life assistants, production agents, charities, logistics manager, salesman, cashier, logistics, freelance employees, travel agents, butchers, of many sectors of the sector of building (TP maneuver, engine driver, large-scale building maneuver, mason’s assistant, plumber’s assistant, electrician’s assistant, carpenter’s assistant, waiter’s assistant, plasterer painter, façadier, landscaping worker) and even week-ends for contract workers.

The goal was to promote direct access to employment: each person could meet as many employers as he or she wanted, without any prior choice.

In Plessis, the city’s political priority district, the District Regency helped with the communication by distributing flyers to advertise this job cafe. At three o’clock, the balance was as follows:

37 job applicants present

12 potential candidates recruited


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