New Business, a case full of irregularities and no ‘legal acid’

The New Business case, which is taken forward by Fiscalía Aga la la Delincuencia Organizada y el Juzgado Tercero Liquidador de Causas Penales de Panamádoes not count as “legal acid”, so the criminal lawyer, Sidney Sittón, pointed out.

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The lawyer added that “The first question that arises in a logical sense, is how to make the purchase of a medium of communication and that money is deposited in a local bank, where there are compliance officials who by law have to make due diligence and results that that bank has never reported any type of anomalous or irregular situation “.

Added the letter as part of the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF) tampoco hubo no type of report on any irregular transaction.

“If the bank that has an organized and professional structure has never made any type of suspicious activity report, that would mean that all the operations in that purchase were licensed and legal”, dijo.

I tried to say the opposite, how it is now that I have committed a crime in buying that good, then you would have to proceed to the compliance officials and the bank that will handle those accounts.

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“It should be noted that the family that sold the property, received these money in the largest bank in the locality, not in any bank. So if they, said by the Fiscalía, received money through illegal proceedings and were not advertised by officials in charge of the satisfaction owed, who would then declare that a crime was committed on the part of those compliance officials and those who manage the bank accounts “explained the letter.

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Sittón signaled that to be sure what the tax would insure, then the family that sold the medium of communication would also have to respond by having received those money, said by the authorities from which activities are supposedly illegal.


in February the Contraloría indicated that no audits were held against Martinelli.


in May the Tax of Accounts indicated that there was no investigation against RM.

“So the hypothesis of the case on the part of the Fiscalía does not correspond to the reality that is being given, neither the bankers, nor the bank officials, nor those who manage the accounts, nor the family who sold the property have been called to respond, therefore the hypothesis of taxation does not have legal acid “punctualized.

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Punctually, the lawyer reiterated that he would have seen the role of the UAF, which is to receive all kinds of signals from compliance officers when detecting any suspicious activity and conducting their own investigation in this regard, something that in this case never took place.

“Saying this, the fiscal does not have an allowance that reconciles the legally relevant acts”.

Sitton also referred to the judge’s case Baloisa Marquínezwhich has been questioned by the Supreme Court of Justice itself in terms of the procedural breakdowns that have occurred during the process.

“It naturally has to advertise that there have been situations that violate the due process legal process and raise the possibility that there is an injunction or proceedings in such an objective manner as the due process legal process ”concluded.

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