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New Delhi: Dressing with style and character is a skill that must be developed over time. The pandemic presented most of us with a new challenge. how does one look fashionable and sharp waist up? Your face is what is mostly in focus, so get some help from jewelery. A majority of women who work online screens have increased their spending on jewelery.

Dhanya Balasubramanian, Brand strategist, Paksha by Tarinika said, “Bold gold pieces that look unique and stylish, colorful baubles in a variety of styles, and classic timeless designs are all in vogue. Wearing the right kind of accessory boosts your confidence and helps you stand out and stay memorable. Frankly, it’s a lot easier than having to put together an entire outfit. A wide range of jewelery to go with your existing shirts and blouses – and you’re all set to carry your best self to work, “

Balasubramanian shares tips to help you style:

A Dainty Gold Plated Silver Necklace: A delicate gold-plated silver necklace artistically designed to reflect the celestial night sky, makes for an everyday essential.

Jadau ring: A ring made for special occasions featuring jadau encrusted stones is always the right choice when you tend to use your hands to express yourself.

Gold Plated Silver Drop Earrings: A dainty pair of earrings crafted expertly in Moissanite stones, is an alluring accessory.

Open Style Silver Bracelet: Being flexible in design, this piece makes it very easy to layer along with watches and other bracelets.

Pearls Last Forever: An elevated pearl accessory or a necklace signifies you mean business.


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