Numerous economy: The patronage of the Ivorians and the homage to Felix Roger Adom

Family photo of the homage ceremony. (DR)

The patronage ivoirien s’en souvient encore du passage de Roger Félix Adom à la tête du ministère de l’Economie numérique, des Telecommunications et de l’Innovation. In effect, after three weeks, after the governance department, you have the right to pay homage. Gertrude Koné Kouassi, President of the Commission of the Numerical Economy and the Digital Enterprise of the Patronage of the Ivorians and their colleagues in the field of translation of all gratuitousness and their recognition for the work and the results obtained in a year. “You have to buy our secret sector. You have associated the private sector with your ministerial work. We have implied in the elaboration of different reforms. We want to thank you, express our gratitude and our recognition for what we have done for the sector of the number of your passage through the head of the ministerial department “, said Gertrude Koné Kouassi.

You can add: «Il a fallu votre passage pour que la Côte d’Ivoire se dote d’une strategie nationalé du developpement numericque à l’horizon 2025. Nous comptons sur vous pour continuu de faire bouger les lignes. The foundations are unforgettable, we have to support you to maintain the dynamics. You don’t have to be the minister of the numerical sector, but we want to continue working with you. Vous avez les idées qu’il nous faut ».

The invitations to accept the current Minister of the Economy

Minister Roger Félix Adom praised the members of the Ivorian patronage for the organization of this meeting. “I am very sensitive to the honor that makes me happy and pays homage to me.” This event is the first official variety in the domain of numbers. Depuis lors, je me consacrais exclusivement à my political activities dans l’Indienie Djuablin », at-il explicit. Also, this is the most important contribution to the development of the Ivory Coast.

“As you have decided, we have established a different set of strategies. It’s a great adventure. I am looking to open an apartment in this beautiful government team led by Prime Minister Patrick Achi under the leadership of Son Excellence Monsieur Le President of the Republic, Alassane Ouattara. My action was guided by the will to do well, to mark the knowledge of populations and the actors of the sector of numerical economy. Thanks for your contribution », said Félix Roger Adom, inviting the number of actors to take over the successor, Minister Amadou Coulibaly to refer to the new issues of the sector.

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