Omaha Public Schools holds job fair for support staff positions

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Some people left Buena Vista High School Wednesday with good news: a job offer in hand.

Omaha Public Schools held an interview fair for support staff. That includes nutrition services, transportation, and security. People applied at the high school and did an interview the same day.

Malika Douglas was one of those happy people. She will be working in the kitchen, serving kids breakfast of champions and midday fuel.

“Came out with a smile. Came out with a job. I came in here owning it, claiming it. I was like God, give me this opportunity, because it was set in stone that I needed this in my life, ”said Douglas.

She said this job is the perfect fit for her.

“I love children though. I have a son that’s in second grade, so it’d be better for me to even work at his school. So yeah, I’m excited for this. ”

Douglas was interviewed by Tammy Yarmon, who said that the opportunity to work with kids was the biggest draw for applicants.

“Every single one of them said the reason they like this job and want to apply to this job is because of the kids. They like being around children. Some of them, we have one that even retired and is coming back. And their number one preference is they like being around kids, ”said Yarmon, Executive Director of Nutrition Services at Omaha Public Schools.

In an era of staffing shortages, the support staff is critical for a school’s success. The nutrition services department has about 165 positions available and Yarmon believes that these people have a lasting impact on the children.

“The role that we play in the schools, is that in order for a child to succeed they need to not be hungry. And so to be able to provide that meal first thing in the morning and that smile, sets a stage for the rest of the day. Because children can’t learn when they’re hungry and their stomachs are rumbling. So education and meals go together, ”she said.

Four hours into the event, the fair generated 60 applicants.

Sophia Cullivan also applied. She aspires to be a teacher, so she thought this was a great way to jump-start her career in the school system.

“I thought that was a perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door to possibly work at a place that I eventually hopefully would be able to get to teaching in a few years,” Cullivan said.

She applied to be a paraprofessional, someone who helps teachers in the classroom. After a successful initial interview, she moved on to the next round.

The first of the four job fairs were held at Buena Vista High School. There are three more scheduled by OPS.

  • July 30 at Benson High School; 5210 Maple Street
  • August 11 at Pine Elementary School; 810 Pine Street
  • August 22 at the Teacher Administrative Center; 3215 Cuming Street

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