‘Opportunities are everywhere if we grab them all’: Raj Shamani

Often in life, we have a lot of dreams to fulfill. Someone wants to be a billionaire and someone else wants a job in a desired company. But, most people spend their whole life waiting for the right time and the right opportunity. Does opportunity appear by itself?

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Raj Shamani, an entrepreneur believes there is no ‘right opportunity’; instead, it is in our own hands. “Opportunities are everywhere if we grab them all, only if we realize that we have 86,400 moments in a day, which we cannot afford to lose by killing time,” he says.

From hearing everyone question his capabilities to achieving what he wanted, his life has not been a bed of roses. He remembers when no one believed in him, his father did and that belief changed his life. He says all the time he kept waiting for opportunities to knock on his door – from meeting people he idolized, to attending their seminar – he did it all only to realize “they don’t wait for opportunities.”

He encourages everyone and says, ”If we utilise each and every moment then [we] can have what [we] want and live like [we] want to live. ”

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