Opportunities soon to reopen job training for adults

TEXARKANA, Texas– Opportunities Inc. will soon reopen their adult services program to the public after being closed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We remodeled the entire adult services building and are ready to reopen it within the next few weeks,” said business enterprises director Ken Lamon. “We’re looking forward to start welcoming folks back from the community that were part of our program before COVID-19 hit.”

Lamon said the adult services program will be operated by former volunteer Zoe Nakashian.

“Nakashian helped with the Scouts program and operated it on our campus, Lamon said.” The more we got to know her, the more we wanted her to come on board and join our team. “

Nakashian said she finds the role enjoyable and has fun working with Opportunities’ clients.

“The mission of the adult services program is to allow clients to live as full a life as they can, to expand their skills, to expand their knowledge and living conditions,” Nakashian said. “Helping clients move on to living independently and support those that need support as they need it.”

Nakashian said the organization already is working with clients who live at the campus.

“They attend training classes that teach them how to fill out an application, how to prepare for a job interview,” Lamon said. “We actually took the clients through practice interviews, and opened the jobs up. Everyone who was interested applied, went through the interview process, and we had 22 people apply and picked three who were suited for the positions.”

Lamon said people want a job for a different reason.

“We all take a job for one reason or another – to support ourselves or to advance ourselves or whatever the case may be. They (the clients) have the same desires when it comes to work, whether to be part of a team or the self-fulfillment or because they have a goal of where they want to reach in life. “

Lamon said Opportunities has a snack cart program, a wood shop program and a certified document shredding facility that will provide jobs for individuals with disabilities and services for the community to use.

“We are members of the National Association of Information Destruction,” Lamon said. “We’ll be able to do pick-up, people can drop off, we have bins and bags available as well.”

Opportunities also would like to start a print shop and a horticultural program. The organization would build a greenhouse for the horticultural training.

Being employed empowers people, Nakashian said.

“When a client gets a job, they tell people about it. That’s something that is valued in their lives.”

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