Perth entrepreneur Mariella Minniti launches skincare brand for all ages and skin types

They say beauty is only skin deep but for business owner Mariella Minniti, it’s practically in her DNA.

The 26-year-old’s mum was a beauty therapist and when it came to skincare and looking after her skin, mum knows best.

“I’ve always wanted to follow in her footsteps. She was a beauty therapist. . . so I actually became a beauty therapist and make-up artist first. . . but as I got a little bit older, I wanted to create my own brand,” she explained to Perth Now.

“I want it to be suitable for everyone. So I created all different products for different skin types and ages. Something that I really stand for — looking after your body and keeping everything as natural as possible.”

In 2019, Minniti launched her own skincare line Mariella Skin Care, and the products are vegan and Australian sourced.

“I really wanted to stick with something that’s going to help people when they get older with health, their age and things like that because all of those factors come into account when we have health issues,” she said.

“For skin products, a lot of people don’t realize that any product that you put on your skin, it’s a direct route into your bloodstream. So I’m trying to educate people a lot on what they put on their bodies and what they use also affects your health.”

In 2021, the business was nominated at the Mid West Business Excellence Awards for several categories including best customer service, and business person of the year.

Camera IconMariella Minniti has released Perth beauty brand Mariella Skin Care products for men and women. Credit: Andrew Ritchie/The West Australian

The Mariella range supplements the skin and feeds it with what it needs rather than stripping and irritating it. The skincare range is backed up by clinical research and contains powerful active ingredients for the skin and body.

Minniti has recruited men into her campaigns and emphasizes that skincare is not just for women.

“A lot of men out there don’t think that they should be looking after their skin. So I’m trying to educate them to understand that their skin is very similar to female skin. . . they do need to keep on top of their skin and looking after it because at the end of the day, they are human just like females.”

Although like many, the COVID pandemic hit her and her new business hard, the resilient business owner has been able to grow from strength to strength.

Minniti started with skincare before she added candles, lounge wear, and fragrances to her business. She hopes to add a few more ventures to her business in the future.


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