Prince Charles discussed sustainable finance


Discussions first took place on mobilizing private sector capital to support a real future in Canada. He questioned the recent publication of Canada’s Emission Reduction Plan for 2030 and the need to accelerate investment in order to meet emissions objectives.

Private sector participants benefited from discussing the way in which they harmonize their investments and activities with a carbon monoxide approach. They also made their point of view on the subject of obstacles to further investment.

Participants then learned more about the measures Canada can take to help mobilize capitals on an international scale to help developing countries invest in the fight against climate change to build resilient communities and to create long -term economic growth.


On the eve of many upcoming international summits, including the G7 Summit and the Commonwealth Summit, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Prince of Wales have recognized that it is even more important to recognize and emphasize the role. that private sector interveners must play alongside governments in the fight against the climate crisis.

As part of the roundtable, the Canadian government updated the mandate of the Sustainable Finance Action Council to add a foothold to the implementation of the principles of disclosure of financial information relating to climate change and the development of carbon dioxide utilization strategies.

The Council brings together 25 of Canada’s largest financial institutions, insurance companies and pension funds, all of which represent assets in excess of $ 10,000 billion (G $).

Recall that the Canadian government recently issued its first green bonds, valued at 5 G $, which prompted strong demand from investors. The final order book was raised to more than 11 G $, a record for a green bonds show in Canadian dollars.

It was Mark Carney, the United Nations special envoy for climate action financing and former governor of the Bank of England and the Bank of Canada, who led the discussion.

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