Rajasthan girl quits job in Germany to take up dairy farming

Contrary to popular belief that the educated and qualified population of the country is more inclined towards securing job placement overseas, a female named Ankita has called it quits at her job abroad to head back to her motherland and venture into dairy farming.

Ankita, a resident of Rajasthan, left her job in Germany to practice farming in her hometown, Nasirabad. Ankita had, after completing her studies, headed abroad to work in the software sector in the US and thereafter in Germany. However, her recurring ill health and undying desire to turn entrepreneur pushed her to return to her country.

Speaking to India Today, Ankita claimed that her seeking to make a difference in society and progress in her life ushered her into the field of dairy farming. She said that she started her practice with an investment of 7 lakh rupees with which she purchased 7 cows which she reared on her father’s land.

She also shared that initially, it was difficult to convince people to buy ‘desi’ cow milk and other milk-based products and claimed that her hard work and perseverance eventually paid off. Ankita proudly shared that she made visits to local parks, in a bid to convince women to buy her products. Also, she visited door to door to deliver her products after she received her initial orders.

“So, when I was in a job, but it was in my mind that I had to do something on my own, that it should be something related to one’s health and it should be beneficial for society. So, other than farming, nothing was actually suiting my thought process and that’s how I got into it. My father encouraged me to get into it.”, the entrepreneur said to India Today.

At present, Ankita has diversified into more than 300 organic products which include spices, milk-based products, flour, snacks, etc. She mentioned that her father and husband had been helping her in the business. During the last financial year, she claimed to have made a profit of Rs 33 lakhs.

“Though I don’t hold any educational qualifications, agricultural or dairy. But it is through his (father’s) experience and now, my experience, that I have learned so much and I have expanded so much … we are into agriculture, so honey farming, bee farming are also parts of it and that’s how I built a range of 300 plus products of ours.”, Ankita said.

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