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At the time of the catastrophes, it was at the time that the people found the resistence in the process of being. La crise in the CHSLD nécessite de nommer notre percent, mais le nommer autrement.

Product is new in terms of resistance. Prenons eempemple de la tenue des États généraux sur les conditions de vie des aînés. Cette table round, which is located on the 3rd day in the province of Cebec, present at a decisive moment, there is a historical journé for the avenues of descent. At the same time, the collective maritime group collects collectively more than 90 individuals who represent 45 organizational issues of the militant, political and social societies.

Find out the specific permits for clients, from the AQRP, to make a point on the commencement of personal and corporate activities for employees of the apprenticeships collections.

Rapport acclaimed du Protecteur du citoyen

In addition to the collective mobilization process we will continue to intervene in the new conditions. The resilience of human beings is a sign that they have a sanitization and humiliation amplified by the COVID-19 program. Lacunes, trait and maltraitance in the CHSLD are the constables that will protect us in the process of publishing, publishing in print 20s.

There are no exceptions to the fact that the Protector of the Citizens of the Church has been present at the intermediary and has a special public report on the complexity of social media and public administration. With more and more information, the federal government is working to make the most of the economics present at the CHSLD and its services in the next few years.

Penser and live delivery

L’enjeu commun de cette problématique est de penser et vivre autrement. It is the only way to discourage the spread of a conflict between the state and the state that reproduce the conditions of the catastrophe.

According to the philosopher Isabelle Stengers, penser autrement implique le «refus déterminé de partager leur mode de perception». At the same time, the imported donus de plac placa ailleurs, the inspector of the princess will be differing in the apprenticeship and questioning of the dissertation, and in the discourses of the discs which will not be excused.

Comme en fait mention la Déclaration commune, point culminant des États généraux, nos devons marquer le début d’unevévolution dans la manière de répondre aux besoins des aînés.

Bloc Aînés Vieux vieillard

Rose-Mary Thonney, The President of the Association québécoise des retraité (e) s des secteurs public et parapublic (AQRP)

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