Recognize Yourself As An Entrepreneur -By Oladele Adekunle

A thorough examination of oneself is a crucial factor you must take into account as an entrepreneur. It is unrealistic to believe that someone can properly assess themselves and never make a mistake when making plans for the future. Many people think they are well suited for a particular career or line of work, only to discover a few years later that they are no longer successful in such fields. Even if it’s a show of weakness because you are supposed to have understood yourself in line with your skill and the talent you are blessed with before starting up a certain business, this is not necessarily bad as many people frequently find changing and fulfilling.

Before launching a business, you must also be certain that it will strive for success and that failure will not be tolerated in anything you undertake.

An individual uses the resources in her world, her environment, and herself to create the quality of her existence. By learning about yourself, you not only give your life purpose but also lay a solid foundation for understanding others.

You will need to spend a little time on your worksheet right now because it has a number of questions that are meant to help you better understand yourself. The questions you should ask yourself when attempting to determine why you are the way you are do not always end here. In order to answer these questions completely, you must reflect on your upbringing, family, and experiences. Because this is the only way you can learn about yourself, we suggest you to be completely honest. Before you begin, you should realize that understanding oneself revolves around three (3) key words: interest, attitude, and aptitude.

Your business plan must be built around your strengths and weaknesses, and these can only be identified after a rigorous examination of your aptitude and enthusiasm. In order to evaluate oneself accurately, you must take into account your growth or passion in at least four (4) different, broad areas:

1) A life philosophy.
2) Thoughtful.
3) Physical.
4) Social, emotional, and personal.

Write “Yes” or “No” in the blank after each statement, as directed, in the exercise. Take a moment or two after reading the question to consider your response before filling in the blank with “Yes” or “No.” You must be honest if you want your replies to have any worth.


1) Are you friendly? ……… .. ………
Do you love the people around you? Consider this for a moment. Do you connect with others easily? Do you strive to comprehend other people? Sincerity aside, being friendly is something to take an interest in; it is not expected to be of the domineering variety where the person tries to force others into adopting his own way of thinking and acting, but rather of the permissive variety where there is consideration for others and their well-being. Others are supposed to be accepted for who they are, and even then, each is valuable as a friend and a person even if they aren’t entirely flawless.

2) Do you think you have a high sense of Value? …………….
By values, I mean the traits, deeds, or behaviours that are significant to you personally or to your way of living.
Your views on what you truly want from life and how to go about using the correct and wrong methods to achieve your goals.
These have been evolving for a while and will keep evolving. What, then, are the things and behaviours that you value and would consider important? Do you have a list of objectives that you intend to pursue? Or would you make any effort to achieve your aims, regardless of the pain or harm it could cause to others?

A person’s perception of their own worth might become skewed at times. For instance, some people place a higher value on money than other things, and they’re ready to give up practically everything and everyone else if it means getting more money or wealth. Most of the time, the money aspect takes care of itself for those who have a strong sense of value.

3) Do you have prejudice or bias? ………….

Fill in the blank with your reply. Are your convictions unbending? Do you regard yourself as being open-minded, or? Are your opinions so ingrained in your head that you are unable to change them or believe you are in error on some matters? Prejudice and bias frequently have negative effects on both the individual and others.

4) Are you easily irritated? ………… ..
The totality of a person’s emotional characteristics, including their sensation, reaction, what they feel, and how they behave, can be described as their temperament. It is crucial that you recognize who you are as a person and what your temperament or disposition is. It seems simple to let one’s feelings take precedence over reason and good judgment.

5) How physically fit are you? ……… .. …… ..
Many people, especially young business owners, attribute a significant deal of their success to being physically fit. An unhealthy physique can also negatively affect a person’s attitude.
A balanced diet, suitable exercise, and enough sleep generally promote good health.

6) Do you make an effort to present yourself in a positive manner? ………………
A clean body, clean mind, and clean clothes are highly valued.
Each of these elements, along with suitable attire and daily physical care, make up good grooming.

7) Do you show ambition and initiative? …………………
Which of these categories best describes who you are?
Do you control events?
Do you observe events unfold?
Or perhaps you are unaware of what is going on.
An entrepreneur must categorically, basically, and compulsorily fall into the first of these categories if they want to succeed in their business and, of course, in life in general. An ambitious entrepreneur sets goals for himself, realizes to a significant part that he is in control of his own destiny, and decides on a course of action that will enable him to achieve these goals.

8) Are you aware and cooperative? ………… ..
Cooperation is developed by a spirit of willingness; it also entails a concern for people’s needs, but not in a manipulative way, but rather by demonstrating respect for their individual rights. The crucial phrase is consciousmess. Consciousness must play a significant role in order to be cooperative and conscious because it is the way in which your success story might be compelling.

9) Do you have self-confidence? …………….
Entrepreneurs who are confident in their abilities have more courage and are better able to handle life’s inevitable setbacks including disappointment, illness, and pain.
In general, gaining self-confidence is not always simple, but the entrepreneur who works to achieve his objectives will find the effort to be well worth it.

10) Can you learn things quickly? ………… ..
Being a good learner is more about having interest in what you do than it is about having good grades or having learned a lot.
having a constant desire to learn more. For instance, if you were trained as a mechanical engineer directly in a workshop or training facility fifteen years ago, there was no such thing as computer diagnostic of automobiles, which is the most recent at the time. As an entrepreneur working in that industry,

You must be willing to improve yourself with new tools and procedures that, when you were an apprentice, you were likely not accustomed to. You must be willing to accept criticism when it is given and learn from your mistakes; you shouldn’t be too self-righteous or conceited to admit when you don’t know something. “When you realize there is anything you don’t understand, and then you are normally on the proper route to grasp all kinds of things,” Jostein Gaarder succinctly put it.

11) Are you trustworthy and honest? ………… ..
Honesty entails more than refraining from lying, being dishonest, and stealing from clients ‘or customers’ property openly.
Honesty may be easily seen in your actions and in your sincerity.
People can count on you if you are reliable.
The willingness to take responsibility and the potential limitations that come with it shows an entrepreneur has a strong sense of honesty.

12) Do you approach your work with enthusiasm? ………… ..
Enthusiasm comes from a string of words that can be translated as INSPIRED.
It’s something that comes from within; someone pretending to be enthusiastic will quickly lose their credibility.
People who come into contact with you will quickly sense your genuine passion.
The majority of today’s well-known entrepreneurs who are successful can be linked to their excitement and level of interest in their line of work.
You must be genuinely interested in what you do since this will motivate you to work more.

13) Do you have a wide range of interests? …… ..… ..
Reviewing prior actions is the best approach for someone to understand who they are.
A businessperson who has mastered a number of new skills is likely to keep doing so.
Someone who has limited their activities may find it challenging to learn new things.
A well-rounded life will be provided by a diversity of interests.
You are not now a “master of all trades” because of this — no!
Being a “master of all trades” will cost you the professional act.
(You won’t ever be called a professional.) As an entrepreneur, diversification provides you an advantage.

14) Are you capable of completing tasks efficiently? ………….
A doer or a pushover, respectively?
People are primarily judged by other people based on their behavior.
Entrepreneurs that make good on their commitments to act in a timely, excellent, and effective manner will undoubtedly acquire the respect and trust of others.

15) Do you have a distinct voice and a pleasant tone? …………… ..
Much more frequently than not, the speaker’s voice and facial expression and gesture reflect the speaker’s thoughts than does the speaker’s tone of voice.
It is desirable to speak clearly and with an appealing tone, which can be attained with diligent practice.

16) Do you believe you can develop any of the aforementioned qualities in which you currently lack? ………….
If you said “yes,” then you are well on your way to success. When an entrepreneur discovers that he lacks a desirable trait, or simply put, “manners,” and has the foresight to realize that the absence of this trait will affect his future, he can stand a course of self-improvement that will allow him to mold himself into the type of entrepreneur he would like to be. Remember that success will be far from you if you lack decent manners, regardless of how skilled you are in your field of expertise. Your consumers or customers deserve to be treated with respect, safety, pampering, and appreciation. Additionally, keep in mind that there are others that can provide the same type of service as you. In order to succeed in today’s competitive environment, you must possess some unique abilities, manners, or features that others lack.

Discover your areas of weakness, improve yourself, and work hard to become a better version of yourself. Success typically comes with a narrow path. Only those with exceptional characteristics are allowed to travel along this path, but after addressing your weaknesses, striving for success should be your next objective, no matter how challenging or narrow the path may appear.

“Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one, it makes you much more stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves ”- Williams Patten

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