Residence of the American Federal Reserve The Senate confirms Jerome Powell’s recondition for a second term

(Washington) The President of the American Central Bank, Jerome Powell, has a second term in office: the Senate validates Joe Biden’s choke at the moment of the institution of anger against inflation with the objective of not being able to survive the crisis economic.

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The Senate Plenary Assembly is famous, as it were, in the favor of “Jay” Powell, 80 voices against 19.

This law firm and banker of 69 years, at the head of the Federal Reserve (Fed) for four years of news, in order to make inflation, do not support the institution in anticipation of the vigor or persistence. But the best thing to do is to lose money and save too much money.

“The Federal Reserve has a primordial role in the fight against inflation,” commented Joe Biden in a statement.

The Republican Senator Richard Shelby explained that he had voted against the re-enactment of Jerome Powell’s “American Families in the Face of a Galloping Inflation and the Prize of Historical History.” Pour lui, M. «Powell et le reste de la Fed ont laissé tomber le peuple america».

Democrat Bob Menendez has voted for the second term, but for other reasons: ».

Governor de la Fed depuis 2012, Jerome Powell avait été nommé à la tête de l’institution en 2018 par Donald Trump, dont il s’était toutefois, ensuite, attiré les foudres.

The successor to Janet Yellen, devenue, depuis, the Secretary of the Treasury of Joe Biden.

This republic, considered as a consensus, has been supported by its nomination in November, which the Fed will support for inflation due to “inflation without”. But the price of the price, however, continues to grim.

One of the priorities is to be “against the evolution of the risks of climate change”. The demo of the democrats called Joe Biden to vote for someone else, a very tough guy with an action in the middle of nowhere in terms of climate change.

Five nominations

Depuis son arrivée à la Maison-Blanche en janvier 2021, le président a pu remanier le comité monetaire de la Fed, avec cinq posttes qui étaient à pourvoir.

Lael Brainard, who is in the position of Democrat Governor, is vice-president after confirmation on April 26 (52 against 43).

He also wants to diversify into a powerful institution, and will be able to enter the two economists with the help of governors.

Lisa Cook is also the first woman to occupy this function, but the opposition of the republics. The volatility of the Senate voices among the two camps, and the inadequacy of the vice-president of the United States, Kamala Harris, has failed to vote for a major court (51-50).

Philip Jefferson’s nomination confirmed this mercredi (91-7).

“These members are highly qualified by the Council of Administration, which includes competencies and consequential endeavors in this critical period for our economy and our families to spend the summer,” said Joe Biden.

The Senate will be able to announce the nomination of Michael Barr at the post of vice-president of the banking regulation, after Sarah Bloom Raskin, initially choisie, avait renoncé, faute de soutien suffisant. It will be on May 19 by the Senate Banking Commission.

La Fed a, depuis mars, relevé à deux reprises ses taux directeurs, pour lutter contre une inflation au plus haut depuis 40 ans, et a averti que plusieurs autres hausses étaient à prévoir d’ici la fin de l’année.

The nomination of the President of the Central Bank is, in the matter of the economy, one of the most important decisions of the term of office of the President of the United States.

The Federal Reserve, plus the central bank of the world, depends on the monetary policy of the countries. She monitors and regulates the financial sector. You can decide whether or not to engage in American economic activity by fixing the credit of the credit, to influence the dollar and to all the financial markets.

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