RWM expo: The appealing panels to transmit to a circular economy

Friday, June 24, 2022 at 12:51

Tangier – The panels, real Jews in Tangier in the frame of the first edition of the International Salon of Recycling and management of the “RWM expo”, on the basis of the import of transit versus a circular economy and a linear model of consecutive sequences on the environment.

The title “Circular economy and innovation”, which is the first panel to be dismantled by the line between the circulating economy and innovation and to reflect on innovative solutions for resolving the transformation from an economic economy that can take into account environmental issues, social and social.

“The circular economy is repositioned on an optimal use of resources and on the creation of positive value bottles,” said Noureddine Lachhab, an international expert in the field.

This is a new model of economy, at the same time, with the emphasis on new modes of conception, production and consumption, the prolongation of the duration of use of products, recycling and recycling of components.

His son, Rachid El Mrabet, is the director general of the local development company “Marafik Berkane” and his share of experience in the collection of managerial staff.

“We are working on a place of mobile digester to support the valorisation of recycling and we envisage decentralizing par- tions to quarantine the management of biogas production, which can be used, for example, in agribusiness”, at agribusiness. il fait savoir.

For their part, the participants in the second panel on the debate of the formation offer and their adaptation to the evolution of the sector in Africa.

“In a way that speaks the word of a representative of the public authorities, I will help you to find out the externalities of externalities, which is to give an economic value to environmental impacts,” said Assia. Mohsine, Head of Division in the direction of research and formation engineering in the Office of Professional Education and Work Promotion (OFPPT).

“We are always at the forefront of economic and economic strategies to accelerate the transition from a circular economy,” he insisted, adding that the three managers’ rights are a source of infrastructure that is associated with them.

de son côté, Mounia Elliq, CEO of African green challenge consulting, affirmé “qu’on ne peut pas mettre en place une action de formation relative à la gestion des déchets si on ne maîtrise pas le contexte”.

“Chaque pays for its specifics, its modes of consumption, its reforms and its regulation”, as indicated, appellate private sectors and public to unify their efforts and to discuss the authorship of the table table in order to achieve solutions that are durable. tiennent compte de la question de l’adaptation de la formation au contexte et aux specificités de chaque pays.

And from the words: “we are friends, in traversing the formation, provoking a faithful change, we are devoting more attention to the accompaniment and the sensitization of the citizens and the civil society”.

Dans l’objective d’encourager et valoriser les efforts engagés et les initiatives innovantes portés par les acceurs locaux, les professionals et le tissu associatif, “RWM Awards a ouert voie au voie aux porteurs de pitcher de pitcher who present their concepts before the scientific committee of the Salon.

Organized by the revue “Energy / Mines and Careers Magazine” under the auspices of the Ministries of Energy Transition and the development of durable, and of industry and commerce, in partnership with the Regional Investment Center of the Tangier region- Tétouan-Al Hoceima (CRI-TTA) and the Mairie de Tangier, this event in the ambition to contribute to the collection of Morocco in the mass in the age of the model of development dictated by the strategic orientations of SM le Roi Mohammed VI and the international engagements of Morocco.

The inscription is equal to the new strategy of Morocco in the transition to a green economy and a durable, grand chantier du Royaume.

This premiere edition, organized in a hybrid format, is open to the assembly of operative actors in the domain and the valorisation of the themes of the themes: institutional framework, regulation and finance, territorial policies, territorial policies valorization of domestic and industrial décards, decarbonation of industry, optimization of industrial processes for déchet moins, new technologies, some formation, research and development.

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