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The new version of the 2022 telecommunications game features the technological point of view, the new phonetic innovations to create a unique design for a unique and personal experience.

Samsung OLED S95B model

Samsung Electronics Ltd. present in the 2022 television game, composed of new Samsung OLED TVs, the new models feature Neo QLED 8K and Lifestyle telescopes. Incarnant the vision of Samsung « Des écrans partout, pour tous », A series of innovations constitue un choix étendu en termes de tailles d’écrans, de technologies, de fonctionnalités, d’options de personnalisation et design, pour rere aux attentes de chacun.

« Samsung will provide you with the opportunity to use the technology adapter technologies and passports, through profiles and our own style. In addition to the jamais, the inspectorate is located on the recreational experience of mesure. For example, we have defined the functionality of the solution to the televised voyage in the maize, with an open source of technologies, technologies and design and design.déclare Craig Cunningham, Directors Téléviseurs / Producers audiovishers for Samsung Electronics Europe. The existence of a Samsung camera for utility control, is the only solution to the problem that is detected by the intermediate, if there is an 8K exposure experience with a cinematic room, or just a simple profiter for the Multi View afin de suivre sa dernière séance d’entraînement. »

Samsung OLED

To watch the promise « From another partout, from another for all »And offset the telecommunications technology with more flexibility in the technological options, Samsung will launch the 2022 telecommunications game with the introduction of a new OLED S95B model.

The OLED S95B model features an ultra-draft design (LaserSlim) and features the technologies of the processor of the Quantum Neural 4K processor with intelligent design features of the Tizen. The estimate of the doté desonctional ratio Object Tracking Sound and Q-Symphony with Dolby Atmos for a full sonor exposure.

Contribute to the Neural Quantum processor, calculated intermediate to modify Samsung Neo QLED models, the S95B is doté d’un booster the luminous OLED and the mappage perceptions of the class, for images plus lumineuses and predictions, and descriptions toujours plus realities.

The S95B will be available in 55 ” and 65 ” at the end of May 2022.


Dévoilée à l’occasion du CES 2022, the Neo QLED 8K game of Samsung has a new level of controls and controls and contrasts. Elle offere an expérience enrichie grâce à une technologie de pointe, de nouvelles fonctionnalités et une image encore plus realism. Utilisateurs peuvent ainsi vivre ine expérience immersive en profitant de la splendeur des details that propose la 8K quelle que soit la qualité du contenu source, grâce au processeur Quantum Neural 8K doté d’Intelligence Artificielle. The only possible solution for the new Galaxy S22 Series aux Neo QLED 8K for your 8K content via TV.

  • Unpossessed processor: I ‘n’gisse de contempler la beauté des ralentis d’un film ou de regarder une compétition sportive, le processeur Neural Quantum 8K de Samsung transporte les spectateurs grâce à l’upscaling 8K, qui offre une une solution’s solution initiale du fichier.
  • A contraction and an exceptional luminosity: The MiniLED which is equipped with the Neo QLED 8K at 40x plus the light that the LED standard, permits a dynamic and elevated and contractually considerable adjustment of the laptops at the Neural Quantum 8K processor. A new mappage 14 bits optimize encore the performance of the TV and an filler antireflet vient suppriment both the source of distraction for the utilisateur.
  • Un design de pointe from the Exterior Infinity One Design, which proposes a telescope ultrafin[1] with a 15 mm excavator, have a finition and an inoxydable finish.
  • You have the exception of audio exception exception avec une configuration à 6.2.4 canaux de 90W (QN900B), assurant une immersion sonore à couper le souffle. And to pass on to the supermarket, it is possible to associate the TV with a Samsung bar and a profitable person from the Dolby Atmos sans fil; a premiere on le marché!

The 2022 Samsung Neo QLED 8K game is composed of 3 models, the QN900B, QN800B and QN700B, and the available dispensations in 55 ”, 65 ”, 75 ” and 85 ”.

Téléviseurs Lifestyle

The teller of the jurisdiction comprises of a further and more important role in the interdisciplinary and continental paradigm shift in the realization of the personal part of utilisateurs. Léélégante gamme de téléviseurs Lifestyle de Samsung dispose de nombreuses fonctionnalités avancées qui viennent enrichir l’expérience visuelle et sublimer tous les intérieurs.

The finition mate of The Serif compiled the paraphrase of the new draft mate which is the model 2022, sublimant to its design icon.

Quant à The Sero, the enlargement of the e-enactment of the enactment and the enactment of the electoral equity ratios for the realization of the advantages of the pivoter verticalement or the horizontal element in the affinity of the pronoun.

The first team to launch Samsung’s Lifestyle 2022 specialty is the “sans reflets” by the Underwriters (UL) laboratory, which complements the consultation and certification of certification of products. Cette certification valves the refinement of the promotion and refinement of the enactment of the reports for the report of the UGR (Unified Glare Rating) evaluation by the Commission for International Cooperation (CIE).

The Frame 2022 sera disponible en 32 ”, 43 ”, 50 ”, 55 ”, 65 ”, 75 ” et 85 ”, The Serif en 43 ”, 50 ”, 55 ” et 65 ” et The Sero en 43 ”.

[1] Epaisseur comprise between 15.2 mm and 18.1 mm in fonction des model.

[2] L’Art Store is the most accessible in Monaco. L’Art Store is accessible via a subscription message for € 4,99 € or annuel for € 49.99.

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