Sarwar Chishti of Ajmer dargah calls for economic boycott of Hindus

After threats of beheading and shaking the whole Hindustan, a phone call recording of Sarwar Chishti – a Khadim (servant) of Ajmer dargah – has gone viral in which he is heard calling for an economic boycott of Hindus. Earlier the same Sarwar Chishti was seen in a viral video calling for a movement that will shake the whole Hindustan.

The voice heard in the audio (mostly of a call recording), is allegedly that of Sarwar Chishti. In this audio, he said, “Hindus of Nalla Bazar and Dargah Bazar in the Ajmer Sharif organized a rally supporting Nupur Sharma. They have called to close the shops till 12 in the noon. I request you all to make these people (Hindus) look miserable. Do this work through our groups of KGN (Khwaja Garib Nawaj). No one should buy anything from their shops in the Dargah Bazar area and the Nalla Bazar area. They earn only through the lovers of the Khwaja Sahab. And see what courage they are attempting, they are closing the shops in front of us. They are supporting Nupur Sharma. Spread this word everywhere you can, so that no one transacts a single rupee with them.”

Earlier, a viral video of the same Sarwar Chishti had appeared, in which he said, “The situation in the country right now, is such that people are committing blasphemy. They are doing mischief in the glory of the Prophet, in the glory of the Khwaja. We will not tolerate this at all. We will launch such a massive agitation that the whole Hindustan will shake.”

According to the reports, Sarwar Chishti calls himself a member of the Popular Front of India. In 2020, he defended PFI saying the organization was ”saving India’s constitution”. Sarwar Chishti is a member of the Anjuman Committee of the Ajmer dargah.

In the last month, there were many violent protests against Nupur Sharma for her allegedly insulting remarks on the Prophet Muhammad. Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur and Umesh Kolhe in Amravati were beheaded by Islamists for supporting Nupur Sharma in their social media posts. Now Sarwar Chishti of Ajmer dargah is heard calling for an economic boycott of Hindus.

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