Seasonal jobs: consulting platforms to find a job this summer

If you have not yet found your summer job, good opportunities are on offer for you in hotel-restoration, in labor shortage since the pandemic, but also in tourism and agriculture . Here is a selection of sites to consult to help you in your search.

The spring season has begun, but don’t panic if you haven’t yet found a bolot for this summer, there are still plenty of places to go.

In the hotel-restoration, waiters, bartenders, receptionists miss the call. The tourism industry is also suffering from shortage of arms. So, in order to attract recruits, the professionals did not hesitate to increase their salaries. But where to find all these ads?

The Editor of the World recently published a selection of seven consulting platforms to find thousands of short -term job ads before the summer.

There were also several references dedicated exclusively to young candidates for employment:

  • 150,000 job offers and internships for 16-30 year olds in France, but also abroad;
  • a platform dedicated to students and young graduates collecting at least 10,000 job or internship ads;
  • platform that claims 200,000 job offers from less than 2,000 companies specialized in the sectors of services, sales, logistics and large distribution.

It is also possible to refer to more conventional platforms but on which it is quite possible to find a seasonal job:

  • the reference in online job search: at least 4000 summer job offers are reviewed;
  • the application (ex-RegionsJob) has more than 600,000 job offers, all mixed (CDI, CDD, internship, internship, alternation, summer job …);
  • a “matching” site between recruiters and candidates with at least 300,000 offers of all types.

Finally, it should be noted that social networks – Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and of course LinkedIn – are now real recruitment platforms, heavily used by recruiters. More anecdotally, the popular Tinder dating app has recently been linked to the government’s “1 young 1 solution” tool to, in two swipes, help under -25s to “match” with a summer job!

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