Sixers podcast: James Harden sighting

As the NBA Finals gets closer to ending, the draft is on the horizon as well as free agency decisions to be made for the Philadelphia 76ers. The latest podcast though offers insight into the latest activity from one of the Sixers’ stars and some Hollywood related content that involves the city of Philadelphia.

The Sixer Sense Podcast: Episode 195

We open things up with the recent news about James Harden conditioning his body with an elite trainer. It has been reported that Harden is working out with Paul Fabritz, who is one of the top performance specialists for elite athletes. We share our confidence level in Harden being ready for next season since he has been working with Fabritz in the off-season.

We then pivot to the latest Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN) tweet about the upcoming negotiations in relation to a new CBA. The podcast debates who is mostly at fault for a likely arduous deal-making process due to several NBA stars not playing for their respective teams.

Who puts the blame mostly on Ben Simmons for his refusal to play for the Sixers? Who points the finger at Kyrie Irving? And is James Harden even mentioned in the conversation as someone who could bolster the NBA owners’ leverage in the negotiations?

Next, Lucas and Uriah shed light on the latest NBA head coach signings. The podcast discusses how and why Darvin Ham earned the Lakers’ coaching job. We also bring up Kenny Atkinson going to Charlotte and who, for the Sixers, could be next on the head coaching list for NBA teams.

The next subject relates to a Top 10 list from Bleacher Report. The podcast explores some of the most successful NBA players who never won a championship and reorder the list. Who thought Chris PauL should be higher on the list? Who thought Allen Iverson should be number one instead of Charles Barkley?

The final podcast topic associates with the Netflix film, Hustle. Please note that we are reviewing the movie in its entirety, so do not listen to this portion of the podcast if you have not watched Hustle and plan on watching it.

Now, that said, Lucas and Uriah discuss what stood out in the movie that was liked and disliked. Which aspects of the city were impressive? What was thought of the acting performances from the multiple Sixers players who had speaking parts? We cover it all in this special movie review of the movie, Hustle.

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