Social and solidarity economics: African experts are part of our experience

The seminars lors des travaux. (DR)

In the prelude to the 110th International Organization of the International Organization of Labor (OIT), which aura was held on May 27 and June 11 in Geneva, an African regional conference on decent work, social economy and solidarity May 5 and 6, 2022. Initiatively held by the Oit and the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation (Fes), this seminar at Grand-Bassam will be attended by some African experts from the sector of work at the Grand International Meeting. An opportunity for these experts and African delegations to reflect on a major realization of the great potential of social and solidarity in Africa.

Plusieurs pays African gifts to this event

Ainsi, les venus de l’Afrique du Nord de l’Est, de l’Ouest de l’Afrique centrale ont partagé leurs différentes exériences. It is based on the potential of the continent, and discusses the activities of institutional economic actors who are responsible for the cultural and ecological societies. On the other hand, this question is based on the following: the level of engagement, the implementation of the actors, the regulatory initiative … All this will favor the trainee who is the object of global globalism.

The closing table of the closing ceremony. (DR)

Expressed by the association associated with a reflection on the work of the Decent and the Social and Solidarity Economy, the representative of the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung (FES), Felix Gerdes said that this studio is a beautiful opportunity for delegations. Afrikaans, who are like lawyers of the conditions of work and the rights of workers, to rejuvenate and to organize in advance for me to be able to understand the works of Geneva.

In the term of the seminar, Joseph Momo, head of the regional programming unit at the regional office for Africa, has a quantitative focus on effective and efficient participation of Africans in the Geneva debate. “Les echanges ontr montré qu’il y avait besoin de mieux de méux comprendre les expériences dans les differenti genres de l’Afrique”, at-il déclaré.

Arborant dans le même sens Edouard Ladouyou Sibahi du Patronat ivoirien par ailleurs, presid dudit séminaire s’est également rejouit de cette rencontre. For him, Africa has to contribute to general discussions on this issue, which will be debated for the first time in its Oit.


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