Some disappointing sheep sales at Kilkenny Mart

It hard to believe that it’s just the start of August and both All Irelands have been concluded, and both Limerick and Kerry are the happy celebrants in winning the Liam McCarthy and Sam Maguire

On the home front Kilkenny have to be applauded for their magnificent show in the final but they just came up short.

The other big news story last week was the resignation of Brian Cody as manager of the Kilkenny Hurling team. Brian has a record that no other manager of a hurling or football team is likely to surpass.
Since 1998, under his guidance Kilkenny have won 11 All Irelands, 17 Leinsters and 10 National Leagues.

I know this is a farming page but hurling is very much part of the rural fabric throughout this county and when farmers gather at Kilkenny Mart it would be one of the main topics of conversation.
We here in Kilkenny Mart would like to wish Brian Cody (already a Freeman of Kilkenny) all the very best in the future and whoever is taking up the mantle they have a very difficult act to follow.

Sheep Sale
Last Monday week we had a bigger sheep sale than usual due to the fact that this weeks sale takes place on a changed day, Tuesday, due to Bank Holiday Monday.

Butcher type lambs ranged from €150 to €162 per head, factory types €128 to €145 per head and store lambs €80 to €120 per head.

This week, Tuesday, 2nd August, we hosted the Premier Belclare Sale which I will report on in next weeks issue.

The recent sheep sale proved very disappointing, with lambs reduced by €10 to €12 per head in cases compared to last week.

The factory quote is now €6 per kilo as opposed to €7 last week so farmers’ disappointment is understandable.

Reducing Emissions
Mr Eamon Ryan is hell bent on reducing the national herd here in Ireland, to reduce emissions.

Unless every country in the world follows suit it will be a total waste of time and may well reduce the number of viable farmers in this country. My argument is simple – Ireland has approximately 6.5 million cattle, the majority of which are fed on grass.

Brazil has 232 million cattle and to accommodate these giant feed lots they are cutting down major swards of the rain forests. India has 192 million cattle, China 61 million, USA 94 million, Canada 11 million, Australia 28 million.

The bulk of these countries do not have the luxury of a grass base like us here in Ireland and millions of these animals are confined to feed lots for their entire lives.

If all of these countries refuse to reduce numbers why should we (the Irish farmer) be the guinea pig for a process that will have no effect on climate warming?

Cattle Sale
Thursday’s cattle sale proved brighter than expected with bullocks peaking at €2040 with heifers to €2110, cull cows peaked at €2380 with a bull which weighed 1110 kilos, €2500.
Next Thursday we offer for sale the entire Landscape Ped AA herd which sells at 3pm in conjunction with our general cattle sale.


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