Sometimes self-care is more about shutting down than showing out (Holistic Hustle)

Kharissa Parker-Forte is a news producer, writer, certified health coach, and columnist for Startland News. Read her “Holistic Hustle” columns for Startland News here.

Inhen I recently made the decision to dissolve my self care brand, Grace & Grind, it was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make. From the outside looking in, I understand why people would think it was tough – but it actually was anything but.

Ironically, I think the fact that Grace & Grind focused on self care helped this transition be so easy. Aside from being a writer, running a small business in that capacity was no longer in alignment with the trajectory of my life. At this stage, to keep Grace & Grind going would be only for the image and external validation, which is completely contrary to creating a life rooted in fulfillment. Grace & Grind served its purpose. Now, it’s time to move on.

One of the things Grace & Grind taught me is that, No. 1, you never close a product-based business without having an incredible liquidation sale. Everything is $ 10 until it’s all gone, so grab whatever goodies you want at Secondly, and most importantly, Grace & Grind taught me that self-care comes in layers – and it’s not all wine and bubble baths.

Over the years, I developed and implemented what I call the 7 Pillars of Self-Care into my thoughts, my habits, my home, my body, my career, and any other area that I wanted to see flourish. Without these pillars in proper balance, I honestly don’t believe I would’ve had the courage to shut down Grace & Grind or to make other moves that have proven to serve we higher good.

So, over the next several months, we’re going to deep dive into each of these pillars with the goal of discovering how they can help you find contentment, purpose, and power in your line of work. The 7 Pillars of Self-Care include:

Spiritual Alignment

Learn how vibing with Source energy births awareness of your true calling and helps you operate in both your divine feminine and masculine energy at work. Spiritual alignment is what allows you to ease, allow, and flow in your career as opposed to feeling like you need to push, pull, and prove.

Emotional Intelligence

More often than not, we feel energy before we can articulate it. That’s why learning how to separate our feelings from our thoughts is so important. Do you truly know how to respond or are you consistently finding yourself reacting to situations? By learning how to manage our emotions, we develop the skills necessary to heal from past traumas in the workplace and keep our Ego and Inner Child in check.

Mental Clarity

Doing the work isn’t just about getting to the root of our desires. It’s also about getting to the root of our dysfunctions. Practices like meditation, setting intentions, and speaking life through affirmations can help ensure your mental health is sound – and Lord knows we all need sound mental health to get the job done.


You are what you eat – and what you eat can significantly impact your ability to show up and perform your best at work. Sure, plans like keto, paleo, and veganism are a few diets that have scientific backing, but finding what works best for you and your body based on your work schedule, duties that need to be performed, and other factors is the other half of the story. Taking your bio-individuality into consideration helps you understand what your ideal herbal regimens, calorie intake, and proportion of macronutrients are ideal for achieving optimal wellness.

Physical Fitness

When we talk about physical fitness, we’re not just talking about moving more and exercising (yes, they’re two different things). Physical fitness also ensures you incorporate rest, sleep, and hygiene in a manner that’s conducive to your health and it works in tandem with your bio-individuality. As a result, your energy and productivity at work can soar.

Awareness of Space

I’ve always believed that your outer space is a reflection of your inner world. From your car to your office to your home, your space reflects (and impacts, actually) your inner well-being. That cluttered desk means something. Why you hold on to stacks of old papers and files that you no longer need means something, too. Translating the story of your space is essential for addressing any issues that you’re subconsciously dealing with inside.


How you act, interact, and react with the people you spend time with the most is truly a reflection of you. Do you know how to set and enforce boundaries with your co-workers? Are you people pleasing with your boss? Creating healthy relationships at work is an inside job first.

Fueled by her expertise as a news producer, writer, and certified health coach, Kharissa Parker-Forte is passionate about helping entrepreneurs in Kansas City achieve their goals without sacrificing self-care. C.onnect with her on Instagramand Twitter.

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