Southeast Asian companies have just received a powerful new resource when it comes to the Cloud

The engine room of Asian innovation just got a huge kick with Ingram Micro Cloud’s (IMC) vast online marketplace having now expanded to provide companies in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand access to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google Workspace, and Chrome Enterprise.

So what does that mean for business leaders? In short, because everything is moving to the cloud, hyper-scale platforms like Google, Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS are aware that companies in overseas markets are looking for new ways to scale their business. Ingram Micro Cloud’s new offering provides access to Google Cloud offerings never before seen in the territory that startups can really sink their teeth into.

Having first been launched in the US, UK, Canadian and French markets, this latest expansion into Southeast Asia bolsters IMC’s global offering by providing partners with new ways to leverage Google Cloud Platform (GCP, Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise) to take things to the next level.

To ensure the success of this new venture, Google Cloud and Ingram Micro Cloud are currently providing channel partners with the skills and insight they need to manage the needs of end customers and grow their base. Through this expanded relationship between Google Cloud, and Ingram Micro Cloud, both entities expect their vast network partner to unlock new opportunities to meet the needs of founders who depend upon real-time data driven insight and the power of the cloud to keep things moving.

This comes as a wider partner growth initiative meant to enable and support new GCP, Google Workspace and Chrome Enterprise practices across Ingram Micro Cloud’s continuously growing partner network to provide end-to-end engagement for the end customers of systems integrators (SIs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) who comprise the fabric of the vast cloud community.

The cloud industry continues to grow at an astonishing rate despite the current downturn, meaning founders can depend upon new innovations to continue moving down the pipeline. This means that now is the time to unlock the power of the cloud and figure out new ways to scale.

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