Portworx by Pure Storage recognized as the leader in Kubernetes Storage for three consecutive years by GigaOm

COMPANY NEWS: Pure Storage and Portworx by Pure Storage identified in GigaOm Radar Reports for leadership in Enterprise Kubernetes Storage and Cloud-Native Kubernetes Data Storage Pure Storage®the IT pioneer that delivers the world’s most advanced data storage technology and services, today announced it was named the leader for the third consecutive year in the GigaOm … Read more

Homelessness Week: Technology and innovation is useless without collaboration

GUEST OPINION: As we see technology solving a myriad of issues facing society, we are reminded of the complex nature of homelessness during Homelessness Week. This year’s theme isWe need a plan’ which is evident as we raise awareness for the 116,000 Australians who are homeless at any given night. What we do know, is … Read more

Why Corporate Purpose And AI Ethics Must Be A Leadership And Risk Management Priority (Blog Series 2 Of 5)

Ethics Honest and Integrity: Building Blocks for Corporate Purpose getty Why Corporate Purpose And AI Ethics Must Be a Leadership And Risk Management Priority In my last blog, I introduced the meaning of corporate purpose and positioned the decline of human happiness, and the increasing importance of new operating frameworks linking corporate purpose to ethical … Read more

How to make Artificial Intelligence work for your company

Accenture’s latest report on AI and how businesses use it has found that only 12% of nearly 1200 companies worldwide (termed AI Achievers) have advanced their AI maturity enough to achieve superior growth and business transformation. That’s despite AI and machine learning being embedded in most of our everyday processes. Every time you use a … Read more

How can companies build in-house consulting teams?

Management consultants support clients to take decisions and drive actions under uncertainty. Given the accelerated proliferation of uncertainty generating events over the last decade such as recessions and covid, consulting firms have had the best decade ever. This trend is expected to continue; existing clients will require more consulting services and new clients will enter … Read more

4 Essential screener questions to Include in your job application

GUEST OPINION: Adding screener questions in your job application tells HR about you before they get to look into your Resume. HRs use this to gather candidates’ information and separate serious applicants from casual ones. Since you can’t include all screener questions in half a page application letter, you must be strategic and answer only … Read more