Hustle is a masterclass in Adam Sandler acting

FIRST, LET’s pretend Hubie Halloween didn’t happen. With the sports comedy-drama Hustle, Adam Sandler sustains his run of “serious” movies, following the smash Uncut Gems. The Jeremiah Zagar-helmed film tells the story of tenured NBA scout Stanley Sugerman, played by Sandler, who stumbles upon Spanish basketball project Bo Cruz, portrayed by actual NBA pro Juancho … Read more

Netflix Asked Adam Sandler To Make Huge Change To Hustle Before Green Lighting It

Adam Sandler has revealed the huge change which Hustle underwent in order to be taken on by Netflix. Since it was first released onto the platform a few days ago on 8 June, Hustle has been rising through the ranks and even breaking records. However, before it was even produced, Netflix requested the basketball drama … Read more

A Review Of Adam Sandler’s Hustle

(LR) Juancho Hernangomez as Bo Cruz and Adam Sandler as Stanley Sugerman in HustlePhoto: Netflix Sports-themed movies are at their best when they focus on the human-interest story at their core. Director Jeremiah Zagar’s Hustle scores points for doing just that efficiently and effortlessly, delivering a nimble, quick-footed feature about a basketball scout whose search … Read more

Adam Sandler’s Netflix movie ‘Hustle’ will hold basketball tryouts for extras at 76ers Fieldhouse in Wilmington

If you’ve ever been told you look like you could be an NBA player – and you have a solid set of skills on the basketball court – you may be able to snag a role as an extra in the upcoming Netflix movie “Hustle.” The film, which began production in the Philadelphia area last … Read more

How does Sandler’s Hustle differ from other sports comedies?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. What is the Movie Hustle and What Does it have to do with Entrepreneurship? Netflix’s new movie, Hustle, is a 2022 comedy-drama starring Adam Sandler. The story revolves around Sandler’s character, Stanley Sugarman, a professional basketball scout for the Philidelphia 76ers. It depicts Stanley’s nomadic lifestyle in … Read more

‘Hustle’ Star Juancho Hernangómez Reveals How His NBA Skills Are Similar to Bo Cruz (Exclusive)

Juancho Hernangómez currently stars in the Netflix film Hustle with Adam Sandler. In the movie, Hernangómez plays Bo Cruz, an NBA prospect discovered by Stanley Sugarman (Sandler). Hernangómez actually plays in the NBA, and in an exclusive interview with, the 26-year-old NBA star details how his skills are similar to his character in Hustle. … Read more

“Hustle,” Reviewed: Adam Sandler’s Love Letter to Basketball

Adam Sandler, who’s a prolific movie producer, is at his best as an actor when playing a businessperson, as he does in “Hustle” (on Netflix), a breezy yet earnest basketball drama about the internal politics of the NBA Because he’s neither an exceptional physical comedian nor a theatrically technical one but, rather, an extremely talented … Read more