How companies take advantage of our very human desire to feel superior to others, according to a new study

Have you ever wondered why in some shopping malls, some of the luxury stores have long lines of people waiting to enter, cordoned off by red velvet ropes? It’s not that there isn’t enough room in the shop, or that there isn’t enough staff on hand to attend to customers. It’s because the company is … Read more

FTC looks to hammer out rules to rein in tech companies’ data collection

WASHINGTON — Whether it’s the fitness tracker on your wrist, the “smart” home appliances in your house or the latest kids’ fad going viral in online videos, they all produce a trove of personal data for big tech companies. How that data is being used and protected has led to growing public concern and officials’ … Read more

This dividend-paying ETF is beating the stock market this year — and its manager expects the ‘euphoria’ recently seen in stocks won’t last

Hi! In this week’s ETF Wrap, you’ll get a look at how Austin Graff, a former PIMCO portfolio manager, is beating the stock market with the TrueShares Low Volatility Equity Income ETF. Please send feedback and tips to [email protected] You can also follow me on Twitter at @cidzelis and find me on LinkedIn. A small … Read more

Apple follows up ‘resilient’ earnings, swift iPhone sales with debt deal that could reach $6.5 billion

Apple Inc., fresh off upbeat quarterly results tied to robust iPhone sales, rolled out a four-part bond deal on Monday to raise new debt. The new deal from Apple AAPL, -0.47% could raise up to an estimated $4 billion to $6.5 billion for the technology giant through the issuance of four series of bonds with … Read more

Big Tech survived the earnings test, but many more tech companies are picking up their pencils

Wall Street breathed a sigh of relief after Big Tech produced results that were largely not as bad as feared (except for Facebook), but the hardest part of this earnings season may arrive in the coming week. A parade of smaller tech companies in sectors that received a huge pandemic bounce that may be coming … Read more

UK Ad Market Reached GBP8.6 Bln in 1Q on Broad-Based Growth, Report Says

By Kyle Morris The UK’s advertising market grew faster than previously anticipated in the first quarter and spending for 2022 as a whole is now expected to set a new high of 35.4 billion pounds ($42.64 billion), according to the latest Advertising Association/WARC expenditure report released Thursday. AA/WARC figures show UK ad spend rose 28.3% … Read more