‘Free’ Job Training Can Cost A Fortune For Employees Who Quit

BreAnn Scally is a pet lover, the kind who wishes she could take home every stray she passes on the street. So she was intrigued last year when she discovered that PetSmart, the pet-supply chain, offered what it advertised on its website as “FREE paid” grooming training. She hopes to open her own cage-free animal … Read more

Why Investors Shouldn’t Overlook the Gig Economy

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Where’s the crowdfunding for freelancers? Over the past decade, there’s been a tremendous rise in alternative investment models, but the demand in one key market is far outpacing the supply. The number of freelancers — people whose business is their own labor — is growing, but the … Read more

Industrial, Residential Real Estate Touted As Investment Diversifier

In the search for assets that will hold up against inflation, industrial and residential real estate may be the answer, according to Todd Henderson, head of real estate, Americas, at global asset management firm DWS. Both sectors have held up well amid the current downturn and volatility and provide a good hedge for advisors and … Read more

Here’s how much ‘greenwashing’ can shave from company earnings

Consumers tend to see red when they’ve been misled by corporate greenwashing, new research finds. So-called greenwashing, when a business tries to leverage for marketing purposes fast-expanding public attention on sustainable practices but fails to meet pledged goals on climate change, renewable energy and more, increasingly sticks in consumers’ minds. That, in turn, chips away … Read more

Fixed Products Lead 22% Annuity Sales Jump In 2Q, LIMRA Says

Investors purchased fixed-rate deferred annuities at record-level in the second quarter, boosting total US annuity sales by 22% to $77.5 billion and beating the a sales record set in fourth quarter 2008 by $9 billion, according to LIMRA’s US Individual Annuity Sales Survey . The rush to purchase fixed-rate deferred annuities is due to continued … Read more

Pandemic’s Early Retirements Are History As Workers Fret Over Economy

Millions of Americans rushed to retire early during the early days of the pandemic, but it appears high inflation and recession fears may have brought that trend to a dead halt. In a new survey, personal finance software company Quicken reports what many advisors have been saying anecdotally this year: that US workers have put … Read more

Earnings Reports Will Shed Light On Economy’s Future, Aspirant Exec Says

The state the economy is in will become clearer in the next few weeks, as corporations make their next earnings reports, according to Dave Grecsek, managing director of investment strategy and research at wealth management firm Aspiriant. The economy and the markets are reeling from a series of headwinds and tailwinds during the first half … Read more

Consumer Spending No Longer Drives The Economy, BlackRock Managers Say

Inflation may be a prominent concern among hard-working Americans, but BlackRock investment managers said today that it is a symptom of a much larger transition that is taking place within the economy. In a webinar hosted by BlackRock today, managers gave their outlook for the remainder of this year, including their thoughts about the economy … Read more