Opinion: Investors have been pouring money into companies promising climate-change solutions. Here’s how to spot the winners.

Financial market volatility is up, major stock indices are down, and investors are suffering losses in almost every major asset class. Although the situation seems dire, it may be a good time to remind ourselves that investing for the long haul has always been the best strategy. Farsighted investors are increasingly focused on climate change, … Read more

Opinion: Technology stocks are booming, and these four companies have staying power for years to come

Shares of technology companies from chip makers to FAANGs slumped for a third quarter at the end of September, as softer revenue, profit warnings and fading CEO confidence added to the doom. The backdrop is a widely expected economic recession next year, caused, in part, by aggressive Federal Reserve interest-rate increases to squash inflation. The … Read more

Opinion: Amazon’s business model is inhumane and unsustainable

With Britain suffering through its worst cost-of-living crisis in decades—owing to high inflation and soaring energy prices—hundreds of workers at an Amazon AMZN, -1.57% warehouse in Coventry, England, this month demanded a wage hike. If the demand is not met, they say they will go on strike in November, just ahead of Black Friday and … Read more

Opinion: Adobe’s stock got slammed for spending $20 billion on Figma. But it now owns a rare company.

Adobe beat revenue and profit expectations, and on the same day announced it would acquire a smaller but faster-growing rival in online design-collaboration tools. The stock market rewarded the company by pushing down its shares ADBE, -3.12% to the lowest level in almost three years. Investors punished the company not for its earnings report, released … Read more

Opinion: Investors have rained money on unprofitable companies — one with $32 billion in losses. Now any of these 15 stocks could become the biggest ‘unicorn’ failure ever.

David Rush holds a Guinness world record for cramming 100 candles into his mouth and lighting them. Sandeep Singh Kaila spins a basketball on a toothbrush for a record 1 minute and 8.15 seconds. Neville Sharp emitted a 112.4 decibel burp. If those zany stunts can make it into the Guinness Book of World Records, … Read more

Opinion: The fundamentals of the stock market have improved markedly, but few investors have noticed

You’ll know that the bear market in stocks is nearing an end when investors remind anyone who’ll listen that equities are fairly or even undervalued. We’re not there yet. When bull market sentiment is predominant, investors tend to focus on short-term technical factors such as momentum, trend following and chart patterns. Only near the end … Read more

Opinion: Financial education in high school has little effect on retirement savings and investing in the long run

In the first half of 2022, three states — Florida, Georgia and Michigan — signed legislation requiring all high school students to complete a standalone course in personal finance. With heightened interest in personal finance coursework across states, we dive into the research findings in this space, asking: Which personal finance topics have a measurable … Read more

Opinion: The stock market in all likelihood has entered a new bull phase — so you’ll want to own these five stocks

That didn’t take long. The slump in the S&P 500 Index SPX, +0.63% and Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, +0.87% after their meteoric rise off mid-June lows has a lot of market commentators asking two key questions: Was that a head-fake bear market rally? Will the market retest the lows and go lower? My answers: No … Read more

Opinion: Ford’s job cuts are just the beginning of another EV earthquake

Electric vehicles, or EVs, promise a green automotive revolution, but this will not come without uncomfortable transitions in the labor force. Those trade-offs are coming sharply into focus, raising questions about the fate of millions of jobs and the potential for major economic losses in critical sectors for the US, Europe and Japan. Ford F, … Read more