Nicolas Molins, Card Specialist, joins LinkCy’s embedded finance platform as Product Owner at LinkCy

A SPECIALIZED PROFILE CREATED From a training of engineers specializing in monetary, Nicolas Molins has become an expert in payments and cards: after having made his weapons for several years to advise various monetary actors in Galitt, he works with the French security giant and of biometry Idemia. He becomes in 2019 the first Product … Read more

Comment acheter des bitcoins sans risquer votre argent?

Le bitcoin est une monnaie de transaction qui sert à payer divers biens et services dans le monde entier. Elle peut également servir d’actif d’investissement. Cependant, vous devez posséder les jetons pour les dépenser. Bien qu’il existe différents moyens d’obtenir des bitcoins, l’achat des pièces est le moyen le plus fiable pour la plupart des … Read more

This Company Launched a Crowdfunding Platform for Blockchain Projects

Lucas Mateu is the co-founder and CEO of Vent Finance, a community crowdfunding platform for blockchain projects. He sat down with Jessica Abo to explain how Vent works and why people call his company the Kickstarter of crypto. Jessica Abo: Lucas, tell us about your company. Lucas Mateu: Vent Finance is a multi-chain launchpad and … Read more

The Landz ‘Estates is the most ambitious real estate NFT

Miami, FL, June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – As an NFT Collection composed of 5,000 unique Mansions, 1,500 unique Museums, and 500 unique Headquarters, it is one of a kind. The NFTs were designed by the Metaverses’ top Architects in collaboration with thought leaders in the NFT space, with insights from real life architects and … Read more

Three Leadership And Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Crypto Crash

Watching the crashing prices of crypto. getty Cryptocurrencies have crashed, bringing their value back to what they were in 2020, and they might continue crashing for a while. In two years, we observed a popular craving that saw most people (including me! I never want to miss a bandwagon) opening a crypto wallet to be … Read more

How Blockchain Can Be Used in Real Estate

It’s hard to identify a sector that hasn’t been impacted by blockchain given the technology’s disruption of financial services and subsequent widespread deployment across industries. From payments to stocks to venture capital firms to the food supply business, blockchain is everywhere. The real estate sector is also touched by it. Here’s how: Recordkeeping According to … Read more

The embedded finance opportunity for marketplaces and gig-platforms

The US will have more than 86 million gig workers by 2027, and 50% of online spending will take place on marketplaces by 2030. In Europe, 28 million workers are active on gig-platforms and this is expected to double by 2030. The rise of gig-economy marketplaces has led to an increase in competition in the … Read more

Catheon Gaming announces its Entrepreneur in Residence

Sydney, June 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Catheon Gaming (“the Company” and “Catheon”), the fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming & entertainment company, officially announced its Entrepreneur in Residence program today. The program aims to incubate the best and brightest in the industry to bring the freshest and most innovative ideas to Catheon. The Company endeavors to … Read more

Speed-Fi Announces All-in-One DeFi and Game Finance

Kingstown, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-Speed-Fi Corporation Ltd. today announced the launch of its all-in-one decentralized finance and game finance ecosystem. The public pre-sale will be live on PinkSale from June 16-27, 2022. Speed-Fi is a blockchain technology ecosystem for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and sets itself apart from other platforms with its unique launchpad … Read more

Stock Market Today: Dow Stays in the Green After Fed Rate Hike

Text size All eyes are on the Federal Reserve and Jerome Powell, the chair of the central bank. Tom Williams / Getty Images The stock market jumped Wednesday after the Federal Reserve made its biggest inflation-fighting move in nearly 30 years — raising interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point. The Dow Jones Industrial … Read more