How Can The Marketing Industry Support The Next Generation Of Female Leaders?

Media and marketing leaders from Mindshare, KFC, Xaxis, Bloomberg, Dentsu, AppLovin, Disney and Grab come together in Singapore to discuss how the industry can collaborate to support the next generation of female leaders. Singapore boasts the highest percentage of women chief executive officers globally, according to a recent Deloitte report. It is a significant achievement, … Read more

Is Pledging Enough? Agency Leaders Weigh In On The Positive Pitch Pledge

The IPA and Isba recently announced 70 founding signatories to the Positive Pitch Pledge, aiming to make pitching more intentional, accountable and responsible; and acknowledging wastefulness and harm to participants’ wellbeing. But is pledging to do better enough, or just papering over the cracks of a broken system? We asked seven experts from The Drum … Read more