The Canadian economy advanced by 0.3% in April, but contracted in May

The Canadian economy advanced by 0.3% in April, but contracted in May

À elle seule, l’extraction de sables bitumineux showed an increase of 5.6% in April, which represented the strongest monthly increase since September 2020. (Photo: La Presse Canadienne) Ottawa — La croissance économique slowed down in April and Statistique Canada indicated on Thursday that its first estimates for the month of May indicated an economic contraction … Read more

Hampton Beach welcomes tourists from Canada

The US-Canadian border is back open after being closed for the past couple of years due to COVID-19 concerns and businesses and New Hampshire are thrilled to welcome back tourists.State officials said New Hampshire has been setting tourism records every year since 2020. Last month, New Hampshire Department of Business and Economic Affairs Commissioner Taylor … Read more

‘I’m very worried’: Former Tory Senate leader on Poilievre, convoys and the party’s future – National

A former Conservative Senate leader is expressing concern about the direction Pierre Poilievre is taking the party, worrying the Tories might be reaching the point of “fracturing beyond repair.” In an exclusive interview with The West Block‘s Mercedes Stephenson, Marjory LeBreton said Conservative leadership candidates jumping on the “grievance brigade” is doing a “disservice” not … Read more

The number of vacancies in the French franchise ranges from 1 million in April

AA / Montréal / Hatem Kattou The number of vacancies in Canada in France, in April 2022, is a new record, a franchise of a million dollars, an announcement, vendor, the federal agency “Statistics Canada”. This is the source of the communiqué mis en ligne, vendredi, sur le electronics site of the federal agency. Il … Read more

Rising rates and cooling market increase financial risk of home renovations

Hillary and Andrew Strack-Cheng with their kids Leland and Juniper in their home on June 22.Cole Burston/The Globe and Mail Home renovations can be unpredictable and anxiety-laden at the best of times. But soaring costs, rising interest rates, cooling home prices and uncertainty about Canada’s economic outlook are increasing the financial risks associated with a … Read more

Économie: the price of a million vacancies, a record

AA / Montréal / Hatem Kattou The number of vacancies in Canada in the year 202, the first trimester of the year 2022, a record, the number of vacancies in 957 500 posts, the announcement, the campaign “Statistics of Canada”. This is the source of the communication in a line, Mardi, on the site of … Read more

CANADA: Cutting pollution while creating jobs and growing economy

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, participated in the Major Economies Forum (MEF) on Energy and Climate, voted by the US, to advance collective action on climate change. During the meeting, Canada endorsed new initiatives to cut pollution, while creating jobs and growing the economy, and called on major economies to strengthen or adopt pollution pricing. The … Read more

What’s a bear market? Your guide to our new economy

Canada is in a bear market, but what does that mean? Canadians are seeing rising inflation, and are hearing fears about a looming recession, and there are plenty of terms being thrown about in conversations about our economy. While the federal government this week announced how it plans to help some of the country’s vulnerable … Read more

UCP leadership race incites fresh enmity toward Ottawa

If you are a politician of a conservative bent in Alberta you can’t be aggrieved enough. You can’t sufficiently lament just how awful the Liberal government in Ottawa is and how every problem that has ever befallen Wild Rose Country is the fault of the Laurentian elite who run this country. Except when it’s being … Read more

Government-backed Indigenous entrepreneur fund receives $ 3-million investment from fintech company Block

Shannin Metatawabin, chief executive officer of the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association in Toronto on June 15.Cole Burston / COLE BURSTON / THE GLOBE AND MAIL A government-backed loan fund for Indigenous entrepreneurs has received its first private-sector investment with a $ 3-million commitment from US fintech Block Inc. SQ-N The Indigenous Growth Fund, which … Read more