How to Make a Winning Resume

How to Make a Winning Resume

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The talent market, much like the housing market, is red-hot! More people are looking for new opportunities as COVID triggered the “Great Reflection.” At Pernod Ricard North America alone, we’ve received over 15,000 resumes in the last 12 months. With approximately 100 roles open throughout the year, … Read more

4 Unexpected Certifications Innovative Leaders Need To Pursue Now

Photo credit getty As a leader, you know that you need to be learning every day if you want to grow and remain relevant. And when pursuing certifications to gain skills and stand out from your peers, you might be considering things like Project Management Certification (PMP) or becoming a Six Sigma blackbelt. Those are … Read more

Here’s How To Find The Right Remote Job

Assess remote work opportunities for the best fit. getty Remote work is trending and recent high-profile communication from senior executives (Elon Musk’s letter is an example) is likely fueling increasing interest in remote work. The good news for those who prefer hybrid or remote work: Most companies are offering options for employees to work where … Read more

What does it take to work for the same business nearly a half-century?

Think of Gary Brownstein as the Pied Piper of lox. In his 47-year tenure at Acme Smoked Fish, the Brooklyn, NY, company that supplies the country with its namesake product, Brownstein held just about every job there is. He sliced ​​more than his share of salmon. He loaded trucks. And in his most public-facing role, … Read more

Technology skilled opportunities in the market

Will all that talent and skillset, are you looking for a job that will challenge you? Image: Unsplash Technology skills provide an opportunity plus achievable path to successful careers. If you want to be a professional, you must be within demand of some tech skills. That will help you to receive high-paying jobs and can … Read more

A Way to Get Ahead or Bad for Us?

The pursuit of busyness has become an essential metric of success. Gone are the days of working a 9-to-5, pausing for an hour lunch, going home, and turning off the job. Now, employees are staying late at the office, only to open their laptops up at home for post-dinner work sessions. And in pandemic times, … Read more

Kimberly Rosales explains how to guarantee success as a female entrepreneur

The path to entrepreneurship is not an easy one, but it often involves added challenges for women. In a general sense, women consider entrepreneurship to be a good career option, but they have a lower perception of their entrepreneurial skills than men, are less confident in their entrepreneurial skills, and feel insecure about their knowledge. … Read more

Helpful Tips For Your Job Hunting Journey

With the right tools and plan, job hunting can be an exhilarating journey of clarification and … [+] self-discovery. Pexels An ancient Latin proverb applies to most any pursuit in life: “If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.” That timeless counsel seems especially pertinent for anyone searching for employment. Doubly so in … Read more