«Il est inadmissible qu’un agent du Trésor qui gère des dossiers confidentiels puisse se permettre…» (DG)

The rehearsals are a series of confidential dossiers of the Administration of Trésor constituents of flagrant violations of the text that denote the hierarchy. Cheikh Tidiane Diop, General Directorate of Public Publishing and Du Tresor lui, les condamnés ferment, a marge d’un atelier of diffusion, partage et de vulgarisation du premier Code d’éthique et de … Read more

“Infrastructure is the basis of development. »(Macky Sall)

Diamniadio’s Abdou Diouf International Conference Center (CICAD) is hosting the 7th International Forum on Islamic Finance in West Africa scheduled for June 20-21. The meeting was themed: “Financing Major Infrastructure Projects by Islamic Finance”, with two other workshops on the Halal business, a development ladder for West Africa and Islamic Fintech digital banking. This edition … Read more

My travel plan is compatible with your secretary

“The Minister of Economics and Finances, in the case of Conseil National’s Comptabilité, a misis, en application des dispositions d 2.88.19 from 16 rabii II 1410 (16 november 1989) instituant le CNC This quote is a modified and complimentary note for décret n 5 165-21-2 on 19 May 2022, avis ci-après “, indiele conseil dans … Read more

La Banque mondiale encourage the creation of start-ups for davantage d’entreprises.

Sénégal is the capital of comparators in which the dynamism of the creation of new entrepreneurs. Selon of the 2018 base of the World Bank for Entrepreneurship, part of the newly registered enterprises for thousands of residents in the area of ​​0.5 in Senegal, plus two pairs in Kenya (1,1) and in Côte d’Ivoire (1.5). … Read more

The “Awrach” program has created more than 30,000 job offers

In response to oral questions on the support of SMEs, which represent more than 94% of the national economic fabric and employ more than 70% of the labor force, the Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Enterprise, Employment and Skills, Younes Sekkouri, put forward the interest that the government should support these companies. Sekkouri pointed out … Read more

The 17th «SMAP Immo 2022» will be held 24 or 26 June in Paris

Opt depute plus 25 ans for rayonner limmobilier marocain hors du Royaume, “SMAP Immo”Attend this year’s visit of 35,000 visitors to the Chamber of Commerce’s immobilizer at Maroc. “Our sommes heureux dnoncer le lancement du SMAP Immo 2022 après most dex annies dabsence en raison de la pandémie de la Covid-19 du 24 au 26 … Read more

La Lsd dénonce le ” financement des projets aggravant le changement climatique et les violations des droits humains “

Société civil society organizations have been silent on the issue of banque African development (Bad) and metric financial support for projects that exacerbate climate change, affect the environment and violate human rights. A transaction that took place in this section of the Assembly of Annual Organizations with the status of a banking institution in Accra … Read more

Limmobilier en attente d’un coup de pouce

Nul nignore quêtre proprieter is LE Marquere social rusite qui concertne toutes couches sociales. It’s a fact of life, the quest for immobilization rests in a moment, it’s one of the fastest, most symbolic bien implants in nos conventions societies, with realism. Aujourd’hui, in a contexte international perturbé, o perspectives de croissance sont entries in … Read more

Radioscopy of the march touches on the rtablissment

Dance son bilan du marché immobilier, Mubawab Indicates that the Prix Moyen au miter carré des appartements au Maroc estimi à 10,300 dirhams, in a contexte marquee a luser hausse au premier trimester 2022. Lofre des appartements neufs and anciens a baissé de -2%tandis que la demand augmenté de 11.5% on the first trimester. Then, … Read more

The first recommended recommendations of the parties are scientifically based on Waqf.

Après 48 heures d’échanges dans le cadre du Colloque scientifique sur le Waqf, de fortes recommandations ont été exprimées par les personnes ressources qu avaient pris part à cette rencontre tenue les mercredi 11 et jeudi 12 mai dernier. This refers to the location of the locations of Ucad II, as well as the University … Read more