Opinion: Five reasons high-flyers in the stock market will crash down to earth

It’s never boring these days. Recall that there are times when the S&P 500 goes 100 days or more without making a 1% intraday move. But big moves are the norm nowadays — and they aren’t bullish. Neither is the fact that many of the worst of the low-quality stocks that are still down 80%-90% … Read more

Opinion: Semiconductor companies have split into two groups — the resilient and the risky

Semiconductor industry CEOs this week celebrated on the White House lawn as the long overdue Chips and Science Act was signed into law by President Biden. While there is still contention on the bill, with some calling it corporate welfare, the industry got much-needed relief as the US put its supply chain, national security and … Read more

Why workplace ‘banter’ is bad news for financial services

Samar Yanni is the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment’s assistant director and head of membership and professional standards. Stella Chandler is a director at Focal Point Training A recent survey from the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment and Focal Point returned some shocking results about the impact of banter in the workplace. Before … Read more

The 3 Smartest Real Estate ETFs to Buy Now

The Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes to combat high inflation and consecutive economic contraction have kept the mortgage rates volatile. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.99% in the week ending August 4, down from 5.3% the week before. But the rate is significantly higher than 2.77% a year ago. This is expected to boost the … Read more

Five Signs Your Investment is Actually Speculation

A reader recently forwarded me an article bearing the indelicate title “On Bullshit in Investing.” Its author was Benn Eifert, managing partner of a San Francisco-based hedge fund. Rarely do I agree with hedge-fund executives – and especially those who run absolute return strategies, which I have deemed “an aspiration, not a realistic investment objective.” … Read more

4 Real Estate Stocks to Sell as Home Sales Fall

Surging inflation and interest rates are taking a bite out of homebuyer budgets and have weighed significantly on the housing market. In addition to contending with high prices this year, buyers have lost considerable purchasing power, with mortgage rates increasing twice what they were in January 2022. US existing home sales fell for the fifth … Read more

Quality companies are getting stronger, yet their shares are down

Michael Brush is a columnist for MarketWatch. At the time of publication, he had no positions in any stocks mentioned in this column. Brush has suggested LNG, Nvidia and Chipotle Mexican Grill, in his stock newsletter, Brush Up on Stocks If you’re a long-term investor, this year’s selloff is good news because it offers a … Read more

Opinion: Get in front of these three stock market sectors before they blossom into mainstream darlings

We’ve always made our biggest money by getting in front of trillion-dollar trends before they are noticed. And I had an epiphany the other day. I realized there are three burgeoning revolutionary trends that are in the sweet spot for us. We should focus our buying exclusively on these three sectors. You might recall that … Read more

Opinion: The fourth evolution in finance is here today – why decentralized finance is inevitable

With inflation at a four-decade high in the US, worldwide oil prices surging, and wars and other calamities raging, it’s no wonder many worry about the future of our society. Are global economies and their value systems imploding, or is the world undergoing a natural transition from one epoch of financial evolution to another? To … Read more

Opinion: REIT investors need better tools to judge climate change’s impact on real estate portfolios

A sense of urgency around climate change is driving demands for responsible and sustainable investment opportunities in commercial real estate. Shareholders of public companies are calling for more information about the risks that climate change could pose to their investments. As Gary Gensler, chairman of the SEC, said, “Investors are looking for consistent, comparable and … Read more