All EDF Archipelago Guadeloupe services are on your mobile

Mise en place in 2017, the mobile application EDF DOM & Corse will be able to respond to the majority of customer demand. A proximity number service that can be used in autonomy and can be used for electricity consumption. In full compliance with the physical physics of the agency, the telephone and online agency … Read more

Je lance avec l’ADIE!

On May 30 and June 3, the ADIE will mobilize to take the girls to the women’s training. L’Adie has a financial mission, to accompany the projects for the creation of solarium companies, employees, micro-companies and others. Cette association par ses actions lutte counter les freins et les stereotypes qui peuvent gêner l’entreprenariat. This part … Read more

Accommodation in Guadeloupe

COVID-19 Web editing Sunday 15 May 2022 – 11h49 Prefect Alexandre Rochatte publishes new applications for people of aviation and maritime affairs. À la suite de la modification ce jour du décret du 1er juin 2021 prescrivant les mesures générales nécessaires à la gestion de la crise sanitaire, le préfet de la region Guadeloupe a … Read more

The OFB finances the educational areas of CM1 classes in the third!

The torrential downpours that have hit Guadeloupe in recent days force the issue into question. Territorial planning, waste management, urbanization are human activities that must develop in respect of the environment. Information and education are prevention tools. The French Office of Biodiversity proposes to finance educational landfills. An educational landscape is the participatory management of … Read more