Ayurveda suggests avoiding these 5 foods for dinner

Home Lifestyle Health Ayurveda suggests avoiding these 5 foods for dinner “Our digestive fire (agni) is the lowest in the night. Undigested food can lead to the accumulation of toxins,” Dr Rekha Radhamony said. Be careful of what you eat for dinner (Source: Getty Images / Thinkstock) Dinner is the last meal of the day … Read more

Relive childhood memories with mango chuski (recipe inside)

Summers vacations are all about spending time with family, homework (sigh!), and enjoying your favorite foods (read: chuskis or baraf golas). But over the years, chuski stalls have gradually vanished from the streets, making us miss those sweet and tangy ice popsicles. 🚨 Limited Time Offer | Express Premium with ad-lite for just Rs 2 … Read more

Nine vegetables that are healthier for you when cooked

Raw food diets are a fairly recent trend, including raw veganism. The belief being that the less processed food is, the better. However, not all food is more nutritious when eaten raw. Indeed, some vegetables are actually more nutritious when cooked. Here are nine of them. 1. Asparagus All living things are made up of … Read more

Understanding earthing, and its many benefits

It is a well-known fact that the environment and human beings are closely interconnected, with each having a significant impact on the other. However, many overlook the fact that nature can be surprisingly beneficial for overall health, preventing a host of physical and mental ailments. 🚨 Limited Time Offer | Express Premium with ad-lite for … Read more

Airport fashion: Deepika Padukone to Salman Khan, celebs travel in style

From airport looks to the red carpet, B-town celebrities never fail to give us fashion goals and we are not complaining! This week, a host of celebrities were spotted at the airport, traveling in style. Check out what they wore and who managed to impress the most with their style. Deepika Padukone Deepika Padukone at … Read more

Ayurvedic expert shares tips to take care of your hair naturally

Who does not wish to have smooth and shiny hair? But it is no easy feat as it requires consistent efforts and adequate attention, and involves both haircare and nutrition. While many rely on expensive shampoos, conditioners, and other products to get rid of their hair woesyou can also follow some natural Ayurvedic remedies to … Read more

Covid-19 in babies – here’s what to expect

Parents are understandably worried about what would happen if their infant caught COVID-19. Babies may be considered vulnerable due to immature immune systems, and are also not eligible for most of the treatments and vaccinations available for older children and adults. The good news is, most babies experience mild illness. Here’s what to expect if … Read more

Monkeypox outbreak: Some common myths and facts about the viral infection

With monkeypox cases being recorded in over 20 countries across the globe, people are concerned about its spread and transmission as they continue to shield themselves against the ongoing Covid-19 scare. So far, the monkeypox infections have crossed the 200-case-mark worldwide, raising alarms. Buy Now | Our best subscription plan now has a special price … Read more

Dermatologist shares ingredients that are ‘disaster for your skin’

Taking care of your skin, especially during the summer season, is of utmost importance. While most follow the basic CTM – cleansing, toning and moisturizing – routinealong with sunscreen, others prefer experimenting with varied skincare ingredients for added benefits. Buy Now | Our best subscription plan now has a special price However, not every ingredient … Read more

Six fruits and vegetables that have anti-ageing properties

Ageing is inevitable. However, due to our erratic and stressful lifestyle coupled with certain environmental factors, premature ageing is becoming increasingly common. But, by focusing on your diet, you can slow down this process. “We are living in a world of stress and chemicals. We are facing the greatest environmental assault in the history of … Read more