The UK Government’s Early Proposals for Innovation-Friendly AI Regulation

The UK government has recently published a Policy Paper setting out its early proposals for what the UK’s regulatory framework in respect of artificial intelligence (AI) might look like (the “Framework”). This follows the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, which was published in September 2021 and specified AI regulation as a priority for the UK government. … Read more

Job Check – top 5 things you need to know

The Job Check is the second stage in the three-step process of securing a work visa for a migrant worker and can be a “make or break” step in the visa process. To make the complex simple, we have listed our top 5 “need-to-knows” about the Job Check process: Employer’s Responsibility – Just like applying … Read more

Insolvency Alert: Company has overdue liabilities? Be aware of Director Penalty Notices

In April 2022, the ATO began writing to batches of company directors in relation to unpaid liabilities informing them about the risk of their personal liability for unpaid company tax debts. If not acted upon, directors are at risk of receiving a Director Penalty Notice (DPD). These letters pre-DPN will continue to be sent to … Read more

Bill 96 and its impact on real estate matters in Quebec

On June 1, 2022, An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec (commonly referred to as “Bill 96”) was assented to. Below is a brief summary of Bill 96’s impact on Quebec real estate matters. 1. Registration of documents at the land registry office As of September 1, 2022, all real estate … Read more

DRDO and innovation in the Indian Defense eco-system

In a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha, the Minister of State for Defense Ajay Bhatt described the R&D wing of the Ministry of Defense, Defense Research Development Organization’s (DRDO) efforts for enhancing self-reliance in the defense sector to create a ” Made in India” defense eco-system. He stated that, DRDO had signed … Read more

Representation of corporate bodies at general meetings of companies

The Companies Act, 2013 (“Act“) defines the term ‘Member’ in relation to a company which, inter alia, includes every person whose name is entered in the register of members of such company. It implies, that both individuals and body corporates (excluding partnership firms), are eligible to become members of a company. Every company is required … Read more

Amended Public Limited Companies Act – Holding Meetings Now Easier

Introduction With effect from 24 May 2022, the Public Limited Companies Act (No. 4) BE 2565 (2022) (“Amended Act“), has added and amended provisions relating to director and shareholder meetings. The new amendments will make it easier to send notices and conduct meetings by electronic means and will also streamline other processes for the conduct … Read more

The Romanian government offers companies up to EUR 500,000 to achieve energy efficiency

On 18 July 2022, Romania enacted Governmental Emergency Ordinance No. 112/2022 (GEO 112), which establishes, among others, a financial support scheme for large, medium and small companies aimed at stimulating investments in energy efficiency in Romania. GEO 112 is designed to provide financial support for businesses in Romania to achieve energy efficiency (EE) by giving … Read more

An innovation in nuclear medicine brings an important cancer detection test to many more US communities

Today, I’m sharing an account of the benefits of a new diagnostic test for patients who live in Central Illinois. It illustrates how an innovation in nuclear medicine, embraced by regulators, can help disperse the availability of high quality care to those who live throughout the United States. Last Fall, the US Food and Drug … Read more

US Department of Justice and HHS-OIG target telemedicine companies, issuing companion enforcement action and Special Fraud Alert

Telemedicine companies, beware: on July 20, 2022, the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a new Special Fraud Alert targeting arrangements between practitioners and purported telemedicine companies, signaling a heightened focus by the government on fraud in the telemedicine industry. While OIG drafted the alert broadly to … Read more