REEL REVIEWS: Basketball pro proves to be film pro in ‘Hustle’ | Lifestyles

HUSTLE (Netflix) Following his acclaimed performance in “Uncut Gems” (2019), Adam Sandler once again moves out of his silly (but highly profitable comic roles) into a heartfelt portrayal of burned-out basketball scout Stanley Sugerman. With his strong performance, Sandler makes what could have been a predictable sports saga into fresh cinema. After a decade on … Read more

Super Pumped: la face cachée d’Uber

HeCrashed Le problème d’une entreprise de taxi, c’est que les chauffeurs lui coûtent cher. C’est du moins ce qu’ont dû se dire Garrett Camp et Travis Kalanick en 2009 au moment de fonder UberCab, qui deviendra Uber. Leur solution: développer une application qui met en contact des particuliers et des chauffeurs, sans salarier ces derniers. … Read more

‘Hustle’ a winning sports movie from Adam Sandler | Movies

Katie Walsh Tribune News Service A new Adam Sandler film arrived on Netflix on Wednesday, which is no surprise given his long-standing contract with the streamer, but while most of Sandler’s Netflix output has been lowbrow comedy, his newest film, “Hustle” is a far cry from that . Perhaps emboldened by his award-winning turn in … Read more

a snappy, solid Adam Sandler sports drama

The best and the worst of Adam Sandler are currently to be found on Netflix, whose coffers open regularly to him for new stuff, such as Murder Mystery, The Meyerowitz Stories and his transformative, much-hyped turn in Uncut Gems, while also giving an afterlife to such grim acid flashbacks as Grown Ups and Big Daddy. … Read more

Receive a free screening pass to ‘Hustle’ starring Adam Sandler – Atlanta’s CW69

Atlanta’s CW69 is giving away screening passes to the new inspirational drama from Netflix, about an NBA talent scout who travels the world looking for the next unknown talent. What the movie is about: Stanley Sugerman’s (Adam Sandler) love for basketball is unparalleled, but the travel weary Philadelphia 76ers scout who has higher ambitions of … Read more

Letting go of hustle culture is harder than it seems

Kim Kardashian’s comments only highlight the bigger problem: it’s impossible to totally escape capitalist culture while living under a capitalist system “Get your fucking ass up and work” is billionaire Kim Kardashian’s advice. “It seems like nobody wants to work these days,” she huffed in a recent interview with Varietywhile Kourtney and Khloé purred in … Read more

Column by Eric Poole: ‘Pittsburgh Dad’ makes return to side hustle – Bigfoot | Columns

Pittsburgh Dad doesn’t like the cold. Well, that’s not entirely true. Pittsburgh Dad’s cold-weather comfort level might not be a matter of public record. But Curt Wootton, the actor who plays Pittsburgh Dad on the eponymous YouTube comedy series, doesn’t like the cold. And on Saturday night at Evergreen Drive-in just outside Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland … Read more