The FOMO investor- Part 2 of the “Personal Finance for starter” series

The FOMO investor- Part 2 of the “Personal Finance for starter” series

The FOMO investor- Part 2 of the “Personal Finance for starter” series Photo: iStock KEY HIGHLIGHTS This crowd mentality gives birth to speculation, which is uninformed and often not good for your investments. Tips are pieces of unverified information that claim to predict the movement of the price of a stock. Mumbai: GenZs are infamous … Read more

Why Financial Experts Suggest Paying Down Debt Before A Recession

Select’s editorial team works independently to review financial products and write articles we think our readers will find useful. We earn a commission from affiliate partners on many offers, but not all offers on Select are from affiliate partners. While the possibility of a recession has left many Americans feeling uncertain about their finances, most … Read more

How to Start a Small Business | Personal Finance

Starting a business can be an exciting time for entrepreneurs – one full of big dreams for the future. But starting a business also carries significant risk and requires a big commitment (of both money and time) to succeed. While starting a business can feel overwhelming, following these steps can put you on the path … Read more

Past financial crises have affected how millennials manage money

FG Trade | E+ | Getty Images Living through multiple financial crises and recessions has impacted the way millennials are now managing their money. The experience has given members of that generation some confidence that they’ll be able to make it through another recession if the US falls into one amid high inflation and global … Read more

Home Sales Give Way as Prices Enter Unprecedented Territory | Business News

By ALEX VEIGA, AP Business Writer Sales of previously occupied US homes slowed for the fourth consecutive month as climbing mortgage rates and record high prices discouraged house hunters. Existing home sales fell 3.4% last month from April to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.41 million, the National Association of Realtors said Tuesday. That … Read more

What Is a Cohabitation Agreement? | Family Finance

Plenty of people live together without getting married and don’t see a reason to do so. But without a cohabitation agreement (often abbreviated as a cohab), you risk forfeiting financial or behavioral benefits that are legally entitled to people whose relationships dissolve but are married. And while a verbal agreement is legally binding, it’s harder … Read more

ET Now’s new series on Personal Finance

Photo: iStock New Delhi: ET Now is launching a new series of investor-education articles on personal finance. These articles are aimed at helping you simplify your finances and investments, no matter what your age, occupation, investment corpus or investment style is. If you’ve been meaning to invest your money in expectation of fruitful gains but … Read more

How to protect your online financial data

Performing banking and financial transactions using mobile apps and laptops has increasingly become common for most of us. The flip side to this digital explosion is that the risks of compromising your data and hard-earned money is greater than ever before. While banks and financial institutions constantly try to bolster their defenses against such malicious … Read more

Black business owners under the age of 20 on early success lessons

Hiraman | E + | Getty Images According to certified financial planner and CNBC Contributor, Lazzeta Braxton, now is a great time for African Americans to create their own business. Braxton, co-founder and co-CEO of 2050 Wealth Partners, says aspiring young Black entrepreneurs should get out of their comfort zone, expand their network, participate in … Read more

3 Social Security Secrets for Even Bigger Checks | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Selena Maranjian) Psst! Guess what? You may be just assuming that your Social Security checks will be whatever they will be and that you can’t control how big they are. If so, you’re wrong. There are plenty of ways you can beef up those benefits – especially if retirement is not around the corner. For … Read more